Your vision improves with proper outlook

The new studies have shown that how clearly you can see depends a lot on your attitude. Here’s the link to the news.

This is something I have actually experienced. My vision gets blurry when writing a check (cheque) because I always think I’ll make a mistake, or my signatures won’t match. This is because due to cerebral palsy my handwriting depends a lot on what’s on my mind and how I’m sitting and what’s the level of the platform where the checkbook rests.

My problems with my checkbook percolated into other writing activities and soon it affected my laptop vision too and consequently I had to get my eyesight checked and start wearing glasses. But I never picked up the habit and always forgot wearing the glasses and now I no longer need them. Although my problem with the checkbook remains.

Recently my dad purchased a cheap Chinese version of Blackberry and since he never intended to use it, I borrowed it from him. This instrument is quite ill-designed (of course, since it’s so cheap), and although it solves my purpose (sending text messages to my writers and clients and other associates) it’s difficult to maneuver it in the lying position. So my vision gets blurred when I’m trying to set the alarm in it or trying to play a song. I never had this problem with my normal Sony Ericsson phone.