Would you have a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend

Virtual Girlfriend

I just quickly browsed through this article that talks about a resort that encourages you to bring along your virtual girlfriend and enjoy a nice weekend there. I read about virtual mates a couple of years ago and at that time it seemed strange but no longer. I think it is perfectly alright to have a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend. They can be a perfect company if they are highly interactive. It can be a no-strings attached relationship that you can fully customize, including attitude, behavior and of course, looks.

I’m not talking about the psychological effect of such a companionship because I wonder if such a research has been done but it would be a nice way of spending time for lonely people who somehow find themselves without mates. I have many friends from my special school who would simply love to have such a relationship.

Since you can already make love and experience orgasm virtually this must be the last obstruction. The best thing about having a virtual affair is that you can switch off your device whenever you feel like.

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