Why Modi supporters are so vitriolic


People often complain that most of the Modi supporters on the Internet (including social media websites like Twitter and Facebook) are quite uncouth, insulting and simply abusive. Although I am myself a Modi supporter, I’m not going to disagree. I’m not writing this to make excuses and to validate my political inclination, I’m just doing some literary thinking, as I myself have often become, mistakenly, target of this vitriol.

The right wingers, as they are called (Sagarika Ghosh termed them “Internet Hindus”) on the Internet are an unorganized, voluntary group. Contrary to what many Congress supporters claim, there is no particular orchestration when it comes to spreading information and forming opinions – everything happens randomly.

There are a few select individuals who seem to be hired by either the BJP or the media wing of Modi, but I’m pretty sure that more than 99% of the vocal BJP/Modi supporters are voluntary. Some are fed up with the Congress, some feel bad about the way India has turned up, some abhor the sycophantic and dynastic politics the Congress culture promotes and some might also be the so-called Islamophobes and right wing fundamentalists, but the moot point is, nobody pays them and they don’t gain anything except for ideological satisfaction when they articulate their ideas in support of the BJP/Modi.

The supporters of the Congress (read anti-BJP/anti-Modi) are mostly shady elements, scholars, intellectuals and journalists who live off the government grants and doles, and communal as well as casteist elements who want to keep the society divided so that India doesn’t truly become a united country. When they support the Congress, they have vested interests (because, who would support Congress without a vested interest?). Since they have vested interests, they come up with all sorts of lies and deceits to support their propaganda. They can be vicious. They use filthiest pejoratives. They have access to print and electronic media and they constantly spew venom in order to perpetuate their cause. It is a vicious nexus and herein lies the reason for vitriol among BJP/Modi supporters.

Since no professionals are involved, people don’t mince words when they express themselves and it also means that sometimes they use language that they shouldn’t use. They are so fed up with lies that they have become sore. Sometimes, mistakenly, they also resort to similar lies, which of course harms their own cause.

Since conventional politicians and intelligentsia have no control over how the information flows on the Internet, people with alternative views have a free run. They cannot be stopped and they say whatever they want to say. Just as it happens in the real world, when there is unmitigated freedom, some elements misuse it, and this happens when in the name of supporting the BJP/Modi people cross limits.

Many say that when BJP/Modi supporters heap abuses upon Congress supporters they are either retaliating or they do it out of frustration. On the other hand when Congress supporters heap abuses upon BJP/Modi supporters they do it out of malice and cunningness. My personal experience has shown that this might be true.

If you observe the patterns of both BJP/Modi supporters on one hand and Congress sympathizers on the other, you will notice that Congress sympathizers will keep mum whenever some misdeed of the congressman comes to surface, but they will retweet even the smallest of news that one way or another castigates the BJP and its supporters (even if it is a blatant lie). BJP/Modi supporters don’t do this. In that regard they are quite impartial.

4 thoughts on “Why Modi supporters are so vitriolic

  1. vidyut

    I think you are way out on a limb here and completely inaccurate. The idea that people spontaneously support Modi and only support Congress for vested interest is ignorance at its finest. I don’t support either, but this is faulty thinking beyond belief.

    There are spontaneous supporters and paid supporters of both. The difference is the vision for India. If Modi supporters seem rude, that is because they tend to gang up and it is typical mob psychology. Congress supporters are less likely to mob and an overall inclination for the political left allows for better reasoning skills in my observation. Political right is more instinctive and possive about identity. It makes them more exclusive and hostile to those who don’t belong.

    Neither is right or wrong, but making bizarre assumptions cannot lead to useful strategies.

    1. Amrit Hallan

      Better reasoning skills? Just because you can peddle lies in an even tone and passable English writing skills doesn’t mean that you have better reasoning. I prefer trolls from the right who at least don’t pretend and use “suave” language to run ideological and political agendas. Remember that emotive people are less dangerous compared to manipulative, “literate” people. And it is a misconception that these people are more civilized.

  2. Seeker

    One observation I have is that Modi supporters tend to be more confident simply because they have logic on their side more often than not. Its fairly typical that when the less rational or logical side tends to run out of arguments – it starts accusing the other side of ‘bigotry’. Its really a perception issue more than anything else.

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