Why I have decided to keep away from Twitter for a while

I think it’s been a week since I checked my Twitter timeline. Okay, I’m forgetting, I did check it today when I needed to access one of my direct messages, but other than that, I have stayed away and I plan to do so for some more time.

It was becoming very toxic for me. All those political blame games, all those shameless posturings and all that Mercantile ideological underselling, they had started creating a black aura around the entire experience. I have strong political opinions and I still have them. I’m not going to change them at least in the near future. My leanings are towards the so-called “Right” but whether you are from Right, Left, or hanging in between, one or the other way you’re constantly trying to earn brownie points. Instead of debating, we are constantly trying to outsmart each other. It has become the battle of wits. The “us” is quickly being uprooted in the push and shove of pappu and feku.

Intellectual experience is the casualty. People, especially from the left-lib pro-Congress side start using abusive language and throwing around facts from Jupiter. What can you do if somebody brings up a buffalo in front of you and insist that it is a panda? Short of slapping some sense into that person you can do nothing. Unless you develop a thick skin, they bring you down to their own level and before you realize, you also become a part of counter-mud-slinging. Once or twice it is fun, some more times it becomes boring, but when it goes on and on, it becomes sickening.

I work from home, and most of the time I’m working alone. As much as I can manage, I try to remain in good spirits so that I can focus on my work. I cannot afford to breathe in the black energy constantly being generated on Twitter.

Does it mean I’m chucking it forever? No way. I just need some respite and maybe I also need to reorient my thinking. As the 2014 elections draw nearer it is going to be free for all, a total bacchanalia. This is a time when more and more people must get a voice and more and more people must be motivated.

I’m not a journalist and neither I am a public intellectual. I earn my living working for Steve Dasseos and writing on the Internet. Whatever political activism I can get involved in, I need to remember that unless my family is well taken care of financially and emotionally, there is no use doing anything else. We live in a highly volatile country so we always have to maintain a balance. Strong political opinions (I’m soon going to write a blog post on this) are a must and divisive forces like the Congress have been benefiting for decades due to our lack of strong, clearly-defined political opinions. So this must go on. Also, family is important.