What’s more exciting? A shooting spree or the opening of a new library?

Here is a blog post discussing 10 ugly truth about modern journalism, and I totally agree with its content. The thought that caught my attention is the sad reality that people find a shootout more exciting than the news of a new library being opened. Of course not everybody is crazy about books and to be honest, people shooting and getting killed obviously deserve greater attention. Although I started this post to commiserate about the general attitude, now that I’m writing about it, I realize why a shooting spree gets news coverage and not a new library (it should).

A shootout is not some kids having some healthy fun in the neighborhood park. People are getting killed and maimed. Many times you must have said, "Oh, I was there just 10 minutes ago!" or "I was just going to go there." Such incidents either knock our sense of security out of kilter or they make us feel more secure because we don’t have to be at such "dangerous" places.

It’s not about libraries and shootouts (libraries are anyway growing irrelevant with everything going digital and all major libraries being put online), it’s about the attitude of indifference towards intellectual growth. New knowledge fascinates us rarely, unless it can kill us or cause us financial loss.

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  1. J

    that’s exactly why one elects a governing body. one is not … educated, smart, or capable enough to do the right thing, steer the general consciousness towards a better direction … all of this needs a well though out .. plan. the heart of a loving parent .. eyes that see, mouth that smiles and advices, and hands that hold and guide …