What the heck are the aliens doing on the moon?

The moon has a dark side that we never get to see from earth and it has an alien base on that dark side. According to this article, when the astronauts from earth landed on the moon, they were warned by these aliens and were told to get lost and not to come back to the moon ever again. The article rightly questions:

The dark side of moon

Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped and while we have not tried to build a Moon Base? It does seem like a better and easier idea than a floating space station with no access to any raw materials or supplies. According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon!

I have no idea whether this article is a hoax or the author is really serious. This article quotes Neil Armstrong and he is dead. Anyway, I’m just wondering, if for such a long time the aliens have had a base on the dark side of the moon, why they have never visited us? Of course we are not their relatives and they are not bound to visit when they are in the neighborhood lest we are offended by the snub or become sentimental, but just for curiosity sake. If they got their message across in such clear terms, then they must know our language or at least they know how to express in such a manner that they could be understood.

Has there been any other mission to the moon, I mean manned mission? India has its own Chandrayan mission but I don’t know how it has been progressing.

Do I believe in aliens or extraterrestrial life? Sure I do. I don’t think there is anything supernatural about it. Just as there has been life on earth, why can’t there be life on another planet, on other planets? Here is a nice mathematical analysis of why there is a great probability of life existing on multiple planets, in fact billions of them.

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