Ugly Aur Pagli is a ditto copy of My Sassy Girl

We saw My Sassy Girl (with English subtitles) a few months ago. It’s an excellently made Korean romantic comedy about an engineering student and a girl who has just broken up with her boyfriend. The script, the acting, and the actors looked so fresh and innocent. So yesterday it was a big shock when I exclaimed “It’s a My Sassy Girl remake” even when Mallika Sherawat hadn’t shown up even once, while just beginning to watch Ugly Aur Pagli. They have so blatantly copied the movie, frame by frame, that you can make out the moment the guy’s mother (one of the first scenes) yells at him on the phone. We were so put off that we stopped watching the movie after 15 minutes.

Of course there is a big difference between the original actors in My Sassy Girl and the stale-looking Ranvir Shauri and Mallika Sherawat in Ugly Aur Pagly. Ranvir Shauri no-way looks a young engineering student and Mallika Sherawat over-does whatever she’s trying to do. I really recommend that you watch My Sassy Girl because it’s one of the most original romantic film scripts.

I wonder how much the script writer of Ugly Aur Pagli got paid for “writing” the script. If it’s this easy to become a successful Hindi script writer, I can give them 10 scripts every week after downloading them from online script archives.

0 thoughts on “Ugly Aur Pagli is a ditto copy of My Sassy Girl

  1. Akhil

    I second that. This is just a pathetic attempt to remake such a cult movie. Within 15 mins, I walked out from the theater because I just was not able to take it anymore.

  2. Atul

    By trying to make such an original korean movie with the dumb actress like Mallika, the hindi cinema is not doing justice with the worldwide entertainment industry. What a crap and pathetic acting Mallika had been doing in the lead role.
    I hate her and now I hate her more intensely

  3. vasudha

    Wel i have not sen saasy girl nor this augli pagli thing..But ya hindi films have some o the other scene from other language movies..I watch lot of english flicks..So whenever i watch a new hindi movie i find some similarities or to my surprise a complete remake sometime..Like U me aur hum is a copy of notebook n they wont agree wit this..N i also found li’l similarity wit kismat konnection and just my luck..Did i go off d track??M sry!!

  4. Kavish

    Yeah………….I got out of the theatre the moment I saw Mallika puke on an old passenger………Ugly aur Pagli was really a dumb copy……But My Sassy Girl(Yeopgijeogin geunyeo..original name) was 200 times better………such an awesome flow it had………Even Hollywood released a remake of My sassy Girl(with Elisha Cuthberth)…and from the trailer it seems they,ve done a good job……..even Bollywood could have done better….if they had used some better actors and a good director…..I just love that cute look on on Jeon ji Hyun’s face……………she’s awesome…..and you can bet…Mallika cant replace her……………….

  5. john

    Yeah I agree with you people. I have watched Korean movie “My Sassy Girl” , It’s such a pleasure to watch it, I truly enjoyed it. The heroine is so beautifull and so cute. anyone who have not seen it is a must watch.
    I have not watched “Augli or Pagli” but can just imagine how pathetic it will be. One of my frens has a hollywood version of this movie since last twoo months but I didn’t watched it yet.ONE GOOD THING ABOUT Hollywood is they acknowledges when they do remake as they in “My Sassy Girl” and “Shutter” both of them taken from original Korean version. Bollywood intead have always been refuging and saying it a original work whenever they do.
    Even “O Jane Ja” sung by Atif in “Race” is a true copy from “My Sassy Girl” I Beleive.

  6. King

    Yeah I completely agree with john, even the song from the movie Race is copied from the song ‘I Believe’ of Korean film My Sassy Girl. A salute to Koreans who made this film.

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