This is so stupid

Some politicians and other misguided people are angry over the sniffer dogs being taken to Rajghat during the security drill before Bush’s visit to the memorial.

With due respect to the Mahatma, what’s wrong in dogs going to the Samadhi? At least they are not as sleazy, slimy and inveterately corrupt as some of the frequent visitors are. In fact there should be some mechanism evolved to prevent such people from visiting the Samadhi and desecrating the air by merely breathing there. Mahatma Gandhi loved animals, so who is to decide whether animals can go to his Samadhi or not?

I’m not saying that all the animals should be allowed there as it would pose a security as well as a health threat, but these dogs are thoroughbred, clean, well-behaved animals and they are not just loitering around and spreading the garbage.