This Country Is Going To The Dogs

(With due respect to the dogs of course) I just read that Taslima Nasreen has been sent to Rajasthan by the West Bengal government because the Muslims over there want her expelled from the country. It’s shameful to be in a country where the law cannot protect people, whether in Delhi, or in Gujarat, or in Nandigram and Kolkata regarding Talima Nasreen. While other developed countries invite writers and provide them protection not only from minorities but also from whole countries our country is so pusillanimous that it has to chase the threatened person away instead of punishing and persecuting those who threaten.  It is an extremely scary case scenario and it paints a really grim picture of the country’s future.

In another news I read about the imminent ouster of Dr. Venugopal as AIIMS director.  A bill has been passed in the parliament with the instigation of the health minister (with the help of the Left, but of course) that is going to pave the path of Dr. Venugopal’s removal.  Ever since the health Minister has joined his office he has just pursued against is personal vendettas and has them nothing positive for the world-class institution; in fact he has, with his bellicose and stupid attitude, managed to sully the image of the hospital.  This is a sad state of affairs.