This could be the reason why Gurmehar Kaur is being raked up

Kerala has been the den of murderous communists for many years now. Our mainstream media does not cover the atrocities being committed in the communist-ruled state for obvious reasons: the left dominated media would not like to talk about the dark deeds of their masters.

BJP and RSS cadres have been mercilessly butchered in Kerala. People are beaten up, their houses and shops are burnt, their properties are looted and conditions have deteriorated to such an extent that even some leftist newspapers and publications have been forced to cover the barbarities of the communists in God’s own country.

As mentioned above,  in the mainstream news media, you won’t find mentions of BJP and RSS workers being hacked, tortured and hounded with unprecedented impunity. You won’t come across prime-time debates on why violence against RSS and BJP workers is not being checked. Even if violence in Kerala is mentioned,  both the sides are blamed,  totally distorting the reality.

To highlight the rampant  violence BJP and RSS workers are subjected to on a day-to-day basis in Kerala, a nationwide protest is scheduled to take place on March 1, 2017. This nationwide protest will be held to condemn the communist atrocities on BJP and RSS  workers in Kerala. According to various news reports appearing on the Internet,  RSS-affiliated  “Forum Against Communist Terrorism” is organising this  nationwide protest.

Here is the visual that I have received about the protest:


If not for social media, these incidents of ruthless violence  would have never  been brought to the prominence.

Even on social media the communist cadres  cannot resist spreading their  hatred and encouraging  others to commit disproportionate violence:


Sorry for posting such a violent  image  but I just want to show which are the people who are actually violent.

Now, the RSS is a very  large organization. It is spread across the country. If it wants to organise a protest, it can REALLY organize it.

The media would have been forced to cover  a protest march of such a scale.

They quickly had to come up with some sort of mitigating action plan so that people’s attention is  diverted, and the people seemingly affiliated with the RSS  could be painted as villainous.

This is why you see people like Seetaram Yechuri, John Dayal and Kaveetha Krishnan leading the drama from the front and the who’s who of the liberal  intelligentsia brigade  carrying out the PR exercise in the mainstream media as well as social media. The plan was that by the time the RSS organised its March 1 protest march, the attention would be diverted from the cruelties of the communists and an impression will be given that  the RSS-affiliated  folks are anyway roguish, communal and confrontationist and in some manner, hence, attract  the ire of the cadres.

They concocted a perfect  cocktail  of liberal tearjerking  melodrama. You have here

  • An innocent and sweet -looking girl
  • Daughter of a martyr
  • Victimised by the Hindu right-wing

They were so aggressive that even a small hint of disagreement  with the girl was immediately termed as “trolling the poor 20-year-old girl”.

But their party was crashed by some sports and Bollywood celebrities as well as people on social media. These people have been exposed to such an extent that  according to the last news coming about Gurmehar Kaur, she was withdrawing all her statements, whatever that means.


Huffington Post removed my article and closed down my account

Some people don’t learn their lesson and yours truly  might be one of them. About a couple of years ago the chaps at Huffington Post unilaterally deleted my  “Why I support Narendra Modi” post. I should have learned my lesson. This time, after sending my last Amrit’s Updates I published a small  post highlighting how hypocritical the left-lib intelligentsia is, on Huffington Post. These guys are so efficient that the post was deleted  within 20 minutes.

I normally don’t  promote my articles and blog posts aggressively, but this time, I wanted as many people to know about what Huffington Post did, as possible. I sent DMs to many people on Twitter  and they all promptly  started posting  the news about Huffington Post removing my article.  You can read about the entire fiasco on this OpIndia update.

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