The slick trailer of the new version of The Evil Dead

My sister shared on my Facebook timeline the trailer of the new version of The Evil Dead knowing that the original movie is one of my favorite horror movies. I watched it on a VHS video and I had to repeatedly tell myself that nothing is going to come out of the cassette.

The new video, as you can see above, isn’t as distressing as the old movie, maybe due to the quality and lighting (or maybe they haven’t been able to put the most impressive parts in the trailer). This is something contemporary movie makers miss out on. It isn’t gory graphics and bloodcurdling screams that scare you, it is the lighting effect – that depressing incandescent shadowy world that makes everything claustrophobic and gloomy – you can’t see 50% of the things due to insufficient light and this makes it more frustrating. In fact the slickness of the moviemaking technique can be counterproductive.

Even the actors in the old The Evil Dead looked more real and more doomed. But then again, I will come back to the environmental effect. That’s most important. Scary faces, people crawling like insects on walls and roofs and sudden sounds and movements are all fine and they are an integral part of any horror flick but the most important part is the environment. To that effect, The Grudge – especially the original Japanese version – was quite scary.

It’s been a long time since I watched a horror movie. My wife and I these days prefer to watch movies with happy endings and a horror movie rarely has a happy ending. It has become a cliché – throughout the movie the protagonist is trying to escape from evil and then eventually when you think that he or she has escaped, he or she becomes the victim of the evil. It feels a complete waste of time. Who watches a movie to see everybody dead in the end?

Another thing that puts me off is excessive blood and gore. The blood flows out of the bodies as if the floodgates have been thrown open. Limbs fly here and there. People get chewed in their full glory. I mean, this is not horror, it is demented grossness.

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