The problem is not with the schools

Actually, schools can be a big problem but it is the system that fails the students and not the schools — they’re simply accidental villains. The problem is there are very few people interested in education whether you see from the perspective of teachers, students, parents or the society. It is just a perfunctory exercise that we all have to go through just because everybody goes through it. We never educate ourselves in the real sense.

Life gives the real education but by the time we begin to receive it our intellectually receptive muscles have already been atrophied by the faulty education that we receive in the institutions and at home.

The education system shouldn’t revolve around making us into mathematicians, engineers, doctors, managers, or even teachers. The education system should work towards building a strong base of principles. They should inculcate a value system that turns us into righteous human beings.

Instead of teaching the subjects schooling must teach us how to decide what we want to learn. It is a tragic waste of time to simply learn physics, math and economics without actually learning how to care for your fellow human beings and strive for a better world. This may sound like an idealistic talk but actually it is very practical. All the misery in the world today manifests because we cannot differentiate right from wrong. This is the sort of education that we actually need in our schools.

4 thoughts on “The problem is not with the schools

  1. J

    i completely agree. esp the schools in india. they are a big blot on the name of education systems. there are schools here in Hyd that “prepare” 1st standard kids for IIT/IIM. can’t get more pathetic than that … maybe they can ..

  2. Suvro Chatterjee


    Actually, having pinned my whole life on preaching this very idea, and gained virtually nothing out of it except the brand of a lunatic (who can still somehow make a living out of his ‘notes’ because they are supposed to be good for examinations!), I must laugh if I don’t cry.

    But thanks for writing this anyway. I have written time and again on this issue on my blogs, and will go on doing so, no matter how little a difference it makes…

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