The BJP should move on, leaving Advani to his devises

Building a national party is no mean achievement. The country will always credit LK Advani and the people of his time for building a party with a pan India presence within a few decades. No other party or individual has been able to achieve this feat. Not even Congress, which was born out of the freedom struggle hangover. Almost all the post-independence political parties have had to satisfy themselves with, although strong, regional appeals, but there is no party other than the Congress, and randomly, the Communist Party, except for the BJP, who has been able to form governments in multiple states.

Having a desire to become the PM of the largest democracy in the world is not a crime, but Advani must understand that his time has gone. History did give this party plenty of time, at least compared to other parties, he and his party just couldn’t cash it. Remember VP Singh fell Rajiv Gandhi’s government with just a single scam and here the UPA coalition has given the BJP scam after scam, and the party did nothing under the likes of Advani. If he doesn’t realize this, if he doesn’t gracefully accept this, he must be out of his mind.

If the approach of the BJP was so effective before the elevation of Modi why couldn’t the party rid the country of Congress? Something was definitely missing. They have had their chances aplenty, and they missed them. Heck, They couldn’t even build the Ram temple. If now people think that there is some hope under Modi’s leadership, I think the people of the country deserve it.

6 thoughts on “The BJP should move on, leaving Advani to his devises

  1. Nilesh

    what if Tytler was NOT a congressman but he still would have done what he had done in 1983.

    to be more precise
    – if both NaMO and Tytler in same party
    – if both are as perceived as responsible for better growth of their respective states
    – Tytler is believed that he has done what he is accused of in 1983 and Modi is believed that he has done what he is accused of post-Godhra.

    and now for PM post that party is nominating Tytler and there is no discussion around NaMO. would you choose him ?

    1. Amrit Hallan

      What you’re busily trying to say is that there is no difference between Namo and Tytler because they’re both one way or another, participated in the mass murder of a community. I understand your point of view.This is why I often exhort people to read as much as possible. You know, I might be totally wrong, but according to what I am aware of, Modi controlled the Gujarat riots as soon as he could. He became chief minister in October 2001 and Gujarat violence broke out on 27 February, 2002 after the Sabarmati Express burning. It is known that by March 3, 2002, the violence was controlled. Please keep in mind that not being a leap year, how many days it took him to control the riots. It is a documented proof that he had asked for assistance from Maharashtra who at that time had a Congress government, but the assistance was refused.

      In 1984 genocide, no Hindu died, but in Gujarat riots, more than 250 Hindus died. I’m not throwing statistics at you, I’m putting here just to put into perspective, what we are talking about.

      Most of the things that you are suggesting our assumptions and they are here just for the sake of argumentation. The whole point is, there is a big difference between Modi and Tytler. For many years I detested Modi. Then when I started noticing so much witch-hunting, so many false arguments and so many vested interests trying to demonize him constantly, I became a supporter. Of course I am highly biased against the Congress, but it has got less to do with 1984 riots, and more to do with the way our country has turned out. Our country didn’t deserve this.

      1. Nilesh

        thanks for explaining in so much detail. your answer is convincing. so many of us do not have time and/or brain to look beyond what is projected at us by these big parties.

        1. Amrit Hallan

          This is why I want more and more people in India to be informed as much as possible. Informative reading should be a part of our daily dose of intellectual development, not just to make political opinions, but also to have a clear worldview.

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