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Simply earning lots of money doesn’t make you powerful

In the morning a client called and it was crystal clear from his tone that he is totally into bossing people around (he was making his secretary talk to me). He was trying to tell me how much he was going pay and when.

I politely asked his secretary to tell him that as a policy (so please don’t take this personally) I don’t alow my clients to dictate terms and it’s I who decides how much a client needs to pay and when. Deciding who decides my payment terms is not the main issue. The issue is, how a person thinks of himself or herself when he or she thinks that earning more means you are more powerful than the other person.

Power depends on lots of factors; of course money is one of them, but it is not the only factor that makes you powerful. Your power is gauged by the degree of influence you weild in this world.

Influence, and also independence. How powerful you are also is reflected by how independent you are. Suppose you think that you are powerful because you own an Audi? Then you sense of power depends on the fact that you own an expensive car or you have the means to own it.

A person who cannot afforf an Audi and doesn’t need an expensive car to feel powerful is much more powerful than you. I know this is rhetorical, because having money didn’t just mean owning an expensive car; it also means you can provide worldclass opportunities to your family in terms of education, medical care (when needed) and general quality of life. Just random thinking.