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No, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is not a substitute e-book reader

I was quite excited when I came across this Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 advertisement

It shows a person setting Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to “Reading mode” Which basically means that you can read books and novels on this tablet just like you would on any other e-book reader.

For a very long time I have been thinking about purchasing a dedicated e-book reading device like Kindle or the Nook reader but since I keep on purchasing books from different vendors, I don’t want to tie myself down to a single device. A good thing I like about my Android tablet is that I can install applications from multiple e-book vendors and read their books. The reading is not as much fun as it would be if I read from a reader supporting e-ink display, but my reading experience has been enhanced manyfold ever since I started reading e-books rather than paper books. Although most of my purchases are from Amazon.com, I have so far resisted buying the Kindle reader. I want something that would act both as a tablet as well as an e-book reader.

So naturally I was quite excited when I saw the above advertisement. I assumed that with a single tap, you can convert the Samsung galaxy tablet into an e-reader. Now when I talk about an e-reader, I mean a device that can be used under natural light as well as under sunlight. You cannot use conventional tablets under the sun. Suppose you want to enjoy your book in a sunny afternoon sitting in a park, you cannot do this with your conventional Android tablet.

My excitement and research led me to this video:

It properly explains to you what the “Reading mode” is. It is no big deal, and it does not turn your normal screen into an e-book reader. All it does is, automatically reduce the brightness of the screen and change the settings of your tablet so that the screen doesn’t automatically turn off after a set interval. Both these tasks can be achieved in a tablet that you might already be having.

Right now I have Samsung galaxy Tab2 and I do most of my reading on it (I say most of because these days I am also reading plenty of Hindi books and you don’t get good quality Hindi books in e-book formats). When you’re reading a book through an e-book reading app such as Kindle or Play Books the screen doesn’t shut off anyway. I have seen this. Whether you read for 10 minutes or for a couple of hours, the screen doesn’t shut off. And every e-book reader app allows you to alter the brightness of the screen. This is a misleading feature and they should properly explain it to unsuspecting customers.