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Writing isn’t always about working against the odds

Here is a nice piece on how sometimes people assume that in order to become a successful writer one has had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and whatnot whereas the truth might be totally different. The writer cites examples of two “successful” authors who pretended as if they had to make great sacrifices in order to create their works of art. This writer herself lives a comfortable life and hence is able to become a satisfyingly successful writer and when she was struggling to meet both ends meet she could hardly write.

May it be any field, when it comes to success and failure, nothing is written in stone. It depends on the individual. Many people say that they would have done something great had they not been hard pressed to make a living for themselves as well as their families. I think to an extent it is unfair, although not always, to blame your family members for your failures, or lack of success, if not out and out failures. Sometimes yes the difficulties ARE of such a scale that one doesn’t get enough time to concentrate on writing but then, there have been many successful writers who became successful not because they had enough time to write, but somehow they could find time to write.

Personally, I hate to put blame on people and things for whatever I do or don’t do. I have always wanted to be a writer and to a great extent, I AM (I write content for business websites) but in its true sense it’s not the writing I want to do. I want to be successful as (success means getting published and people purchasing my books) a writer. Does something stop me? Not at all. Yes, I need to earn a living, but fortunately I’m self-employed and I’m spared from many plebeian difficulties that people need to go through in order to earn money. My work comes to me rather than I have to go to work. Get plenty of time to write. I believe that even if I can devote 60 minutes to my literary writing I can really write some neat stuff. The problem with me is regularity rather than lack of time, and I think THIS is the case with most people. It is not that life doesn’t give them chances, the problem is that they don’t use the chances life gives them. By making literary writing an integral part of my daily scheduling, little by little I’m trying to make some progress.