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Mallika Sherawat, Papa, look vagina

I was feeding milk to my 4-year-old daughter and while she sipped milk on my lap we were also watching random Hindi songs on YouTube. She normally doesn’t allow me to touch the mouse and clicks on whichever video thumb nail catches her fancy. Repeated clicking brought us to "Jaane kya chahe mann banwara" from Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

In one of the shots in the song they show a sad-looking Mallika Sherawat lying on her bed with the close up of the face. As soon as her face covered the YouTube screen my daughter pointed at her and said, "Papa look, vagina."

Ruffled, I used the time line slider to move backward and see what exactly prompted her to pronounce the word but got no clue. I asked her why she had said that but she didn’t deem it necessary to answer my question.

She’s familiar with the word as we don’t normally suppress her curiosity and she knows that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis. Still wondering what made her say Papa look, vagina, when she saw Mallika Sherawat’s face.