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No, literary terms and other such words don’t annoy me

Do words you don’t understand annoy you? I have seen this annoying trend on the Internet to look down upon writing that uses other than the usual words and expressions. There is this constant effort to dumbify one’s writing in the name of simplicity and ease of reading. This strange obsession with not using difficult words especially caught on when everybody started writing on the Internet.

Whether a particular word is difficult or not depends on how strong is your vocabulary. There is nothing wrong in using jargon if you are writing for a targeted audience whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Take for example sci-fi or fantasy writing, it is full of jargon.

The Pre-Internet writers never shied away from using words that might not be easy to understand. I’m not saying that you should purposely use words that will require people to sit with a dictionary (I never minded that) while reading your blog post, article or book, but if you think that a particular word will help you express your thoughts in a better manner, use it, whether your reader knows that word or not. If he or she appreciates your writing, he or she will make an effort to understand the word.

Anyway, yesterday I found this interesting infographic that explains 10 literary words that the layperson might find difficult to understand.

10 literary terms hard to understand

Infographic source.