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Just 5 minutes of watching NDTV

While having our morning chai my wife was flicking news channels and suddenly she stopped at NDTV Hindi as some reporter was interviewing the locals in Bihar regarding the imminent split between JDU and the BJP. It was quite refreshing to see common folks sitting around a tea stall sipping tea and talking politics (my wife often says this proudly, that only in UP and Bihar you will see people sitting by the roadsides talking about important national issues).

Most of the people said that it was wrong of Nitish Kumar as it was only because of the BJP that he was in power and was able to defeat Laloo Yadav. Most were of the opinion that once the BJP support was missing, Laloo, along with his lawlessness, will come back to power. There was even a Muslim sitting who downplayed the negative propaganda being run against Narender Modi.

Hearing all this, the reporter said, “Galat group me phans gaya, yahan to BJP supporters jada hain” – I ended up talking to the wrong group as they are more BJP supporters here.

Although it is NDTV and such behavior is expected, we immediately noticed the “galat group” expression. Why does it become a wrong group if it talks in favor of the BJP? This is why…

Then he comes across a couple of folks who say that Nitish Kumar was doing the right thing and he should severe his ties with the BJP. The reporter says to the camera, “Yahan kuchh secular log bhi hain jo BJP ko support nahi karte” – we also have some secular people here who don’t support the BJP.

So within 5 minutes the reporter told you that if you support the BJP you belong to the wrong group, and if you oppose it, you are secular.

This was just 5 minutes of viewing because we cannot take this channel more than that and we quickly had to change it.

Harsha in the comment section has shared the link of the video I’m talking about.