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Reading self-help books

Somehow I have never been able to finish the various self-help books I have attempted to read over the years. My wife successfully exhorted me into reading a couple of Edward de Bono books I don’t remember even going beyond a couple of pages. Then for many years two of my longest lasting clients, Steve and Akshar, have repeatedly prompted me to read Rich Dad Poor Dad which again, I couldn’t go beyond 30-40 pages. In between I also bought a Seth Godin book, a Guy Kawasaki, and couple of more.

The only book I can remember in this category is The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell but then it is not a self-help book by definition. It tells you why certain people succeed. But more or less, you can call it a self-help book.

Day before yesterday Akshar sent me another book, Getting Things Done – How to Achieve Stressfree Productivity – by David Allen. My computer is having a problem after I tried to retrieve some data from an old and damaged CD; I needed to reboot my computer multiple times and this gave me a few minutes to quickly read a couple of pages of the book.

I think this time I am going to complete this book, not because I have immediately found it irresistible, but because these days I am reading regularly. I read everyday. When you read everyday, you are not overwhelmed by how much you have got to read. You simply read one page after another, and before you know, you have read the entire book. Although I’m particular about what literature I consume, my focus these days is on reading as much as possible. After finishing The Cuckoo’s Calling I had planned to read Wuthering Heights that I have read in my college days and I wanted to read it with a new understanding, but I guess it will have to wait for a few weeks. I’m not sure, in case I complete Getting Things Done, I will certainly review it here.


Do you read multiple books?

These days I am reading multiple books. This is the 1st time I’m doing that because otherwise I used to be very particular about just sticking to a single book. I don’t plan to do it always, but it just happened by chance.

During the weekends I started reading an Amritlal Nagar novel as I completely wanted to shut off my digital consumption. But then I try to read every day these days so I downloaded JK Rowling’s latest crime thriller The Cuckoo’s Calling. A couple of years ago I decided to read On Writing by Stephen King and since I’m working on my own book, I thought, what would be a better time to read this book than now (I am so glad I started reading this book). So I also started reading this. Therefore, I am reading 3 books.

Am I getting mixed up? I am not. It’s not that I’m reading all the 3 books in a single day. For instance, I haven’t read the crime thriller for almost a week because I’m focusing on reading the Stephen King book as well as working on my own book.

In fact there are a few more books that I had stopped reading midway either because I got bored or I thought they were a complete waste of time, for example Moby Dick. Although it is a highly acclaimed book somehow I found it very boring. Having said that, I may again start reading it one of these days, but after finishing at least one of the books I’m currently reading.