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Are bloggers journalists?

This is the question being asked in this Forbes article. The theme of this article is slightly legal and US-based, but I am thinking in general, what makes a blogger a journalist? The answer is very straightforward. Not everybody who writes is a writer. Blogging is a form of journalling where you express your thoughts and opinions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be analytical and professional unless you are hired by a professional media house or a newspaper. There are many professional journalists who also blog and there are many bloggers who also take up journalism assignments on a full-time as well as part-time basis.

In the new-age media there are definitely many terms that are coming up and our legal terminology is need to be redefined to accommodate these terms and activities. For instance, even 10 years ago there were no such concept as a “citizen journalist”. Even right now it is a vague concept, but what if some people take up “citizen journalism” is a full-time career, I mean, who knows? For many blogging is a full-time career. There are already many blogs that are bigger than newspaper publications. There are many bloggers who are more trusted than journalists. Similarly, there might come a time when citizen journalists might be more trusted than our conventional journalists (especially in India due to the paid content problem in the news media).

Orthodox journalists might feel uncomfortable with such developments, as it has already been manifested. Anyway, the point is, there can be different definitions for different case scenarios. You might be a journalist if you are blogging for a newspaper as a columnist, and you might be a simple, non-affiliated blogger if you’re writing for yourself. Again, what about publications like TechCrunch that are not affiliated to any newspaper, they also report news and opinions, and they are published as  blogs?