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Equating the BJP with the Congress – a deeper psychological conspiracy

There is this very sinister pattern in the media – print, electronic as well as social – of constantly equating the BJP with the Congress and broadcasting a message such as there is no big difference between both the parties and hence it doesn’t matter whether you vote for the Congress or for the BJP. The moment you point something horrendous about the Congress, there comes a message immediately, “Oh, what to do, all the parties, including the BJP, are the same.”

A big bullshit.

If they are the same, there is no difference between the acid thrown on your face to disfigure you, and the aerated drink given to you to quench your thirst.

I have purposely used aerated drink rather than mineral water. You see, I’m not a blind follower of the BJP. It has its bagful of follies — it has corrupt ministers, it has communal forces in its fold and it has all sorts of shady politicians going under its aegis? But if it is a pool of such maleficent individuals, the Congress is an ancient ocean brimming with such miasma.

The Congress has ruled the hapless country for more than 50 years. For how long has the BJP ruled? Hardly 5-10 years. Although much fault lies with the BJP itself, for a party that has fought against all odds, it has been a good showing so far, especially depending on a deeply divided vote bank.

Ever since the independence the entire infrastructure of the country has been mobilized to portray the ruling Congress as the protector of all communities and the best socialist and secular option for the country. Our history has been subverted and twisted. Our traditions have been maligned and we have been reduced to a whining, apologetic mass of people. Nobody gives a damn how it’s misguided socialist policies, high tolerance for all encompassing corruption and political putrefaction have wrecked havoc with the entire country.

The Congress is like a pest who keeps its host alive in order to survive. It keeps the machinery of the country going sufficiently so that the country doesn’t implode, but also doesn’t progress beyond a particular point, because if the country progresses, it means more people will get aware and get more breathing space to questioning why the fuck the country is among the most backward regions of the world even after so many years?

The parties like the BJP, on the other hand have become the perpetual pariahs. They are the “divisive” forces. They are other communal forces that need to be kept away at all costs. The moment you say something in support of the BJP, there you are, a right winger, a fascist, and Islamophobe. The Congress uses the BJP as a bogeyman to keep the minorities, especially the Muslims, constantly in a state of insecurity and fear. And this problem isn’t just contained within India.

Even in foreign publications, it is very hard to come across the mention of the BJP without the tag of “Hindu Right Wing”, “Extreme Right Wing”, etc. You will never see Modi’s name without a reference without the 2002 Gujarat riots. On the other hand, do you ever see Rajiv Gandhi in conjunction with the 1984 Sikh genocide or the Bofors case unless they are specifically writing on those events? Do you ever see India Gandhi with reference to the emergency she imposed on the country and the large-scale political corruption she wrought? Do you ever come across 100s of Hindu Muslim riots being attributed to the Congress party that actually happened under the party’s rule? Recently the state of Assam had a very bad spate of ethnic violence; how much international press coverage did it get, and even if it got some coverage, how many put the onus of the violence on the ruling Congress party? Zilch.

The same goes for electronic media in India. The BJP is everybody’s punching bag. “True” journalism raises its ugly head only when some BJP representative is being questioned. The English new standards try to act a bit “refined” and “civilized”, but the Hindi new channels don’t even pretend, their newsreaders, reporters and anchors talk about the BJP the way vamps talk about each other in the saas-bahu soap operas. Bring into the picture some Congress spokesperson or representative, you immediately begin to hear, “You are absolutely right,”, and, “You have made a very valid point,”, and such. Every sort of civility is reserved for the Congress representatives, no matter how shity records they have. Let the Congress raise as much muck as it wants to, but as soon as the BJP reacts or reciprocates, it is trying to politicize something. It’s like get slapped and don’t even flinch because if you flinch, your misbehaving or being indecent.

The Congress has infiltrated the institutions. It has bought the intelligentsia and it runs the news media houses like its own whore houses.

Fine, there are cases of corruption in the BJP, but in most of the cases, the ministers are punished. In fact that is when the BJP’s corruption comes into limelight – somebody being sacked, somebody being arrested (BJP MPs and MLAs even in Gujarat are arrested), somebody being hounded by the CBI and so on. But in the case of Congress, somebody’s always being protected and that’s why they are in news, if ever they are.

So there is no comparison between the BJP and the Congress and whatever parallel lines people try to draw, they are simply trying to obfuscate the big chunk of people sitting at the fences; people who aren’t sure whether they should support the BJP or the Congress. To those people, I always advise, read as much as you can.

Why Modi supporters are so vitriolic


People often complain that most of the Modi supporters on the Internet (including social media websites like Twitter and Facebook) are quite uncouth, insulting and simply abusive. Although I am myself a Modi supporter, I’m not going to disagree. I’m not writing this to make excuses and to validate my political inclination, I’m just doing some literary thinking, as I myself have often become, mistakenly, target of this vitriol.

The right wingers, as they are called (Sagarika Ghosh termed them “Internet Hindus”) on the Internet are an unorganized, voluntary group. Contrary to what many Congress supporters claim, there is no particular orchestration when it comes to spreading information and forming opinions – everything happens randomly.

There are a few select individuals who seem to be hired by either the BJP or the media wing of Modi, but I’m pretty sure that more than 99% of the vocal BJP/Modi supporters are voluntary. Some are fed up with the Congress, some feel bad about the way India has turned up, some abhor the sycophantic and dynastic politics the Congress culture promotes and some might also be the so-called Islamophobes and right wing fundamentalists, but the moot point is, nobody pays them and they don’t gain anything except for ideological satisfaction when they articulate their ideas in support of the BJP/Modi.

The supporters of the Congress (read anti-BJP/anti-Modi) are mostly shady elements, scholars, intellectuals and journalists who live off the government grants and doles, and communal as well as casteist elements who want to keep the society divided so that India doesn’t truly become a united country. When they support the Congress, they have vested interests (because, who would support Congress without a vested interest?). Since they have vested interests, they come up with all sorts of lies and deceits to support their propaganda. They can be vicious. They use filthiest pejoratives. They have access to print and electronic media and they constantly spew venom in order to perpetuate their cause. It is a vicious nexus and herein lies the reason for vitriol among BJP/Modi supporters.

Since no professionals are involved, people don’t mince words when they express themselves and it also means that sometimes they use language that they shouldn’t use. They are so fed up with lies that they have become sore. Sometimes, mistakenly, they also resort to similar lies, which of course harms their own cause.

Since conventional politicians and intelligentsia have no control over how the information flows on the Internet, people with alternative views have a free run. They cannot be stopped and they say whatever they want to say. Just as it happens in the real world, when there is unmitigated freedom, some elements misuse it, and this happens when in the name of supporting the BJP/Modi people cross limits.

Many say that when BJP/Modi supporters heap abuses upon Congress supporters they are either retaliating or they do it out of frustration. On the other hand when Congress supporters heap abuses upon BJP/Modi supporters they do it out of malice and cunningness. My personal experience has shown that this might be true.

If you observe the patterns of both BJP/Modi supporters on one hand and Congress sympathizers on the other, you will notice that Congress sympathizers will keep mum whenever some misdeed of the congressman comes to surface, but they will retweet even the smallest of news that one way or another castigates the BJP and its supporters (even if it is a blatant lie). BJP/Modi supporters don’t do this. In that regard they are quite impartial.

Just 5 minutes of watching NDTV

While having our morning chai my wife was flicking news channels and suddenly she stopped at NDTV Hindi as some reporter was interviewing the locals in Bihar regarding the imminent split between JDU and the BJP. It was quite refreshing to see common folks sitting around a tea stall sipping tea and talking politics (my wife often says this proudly, that only in UP and Bihar you will see people sitting by the roadsides talking about important national issues).

Most of the people said that it was wrong of Nitish Kumar as it was only because of the BJP that he was in power and was able to defeat Laloo Yadav. Most were of the opinion that once the BJP support was missing, Laloo, along with his lawlessness, will come back to power. There was even a Muslim sitting who downplayed the negative propaganda being run against Narender Modi.

Hearing all this, the reporter said, “Galat group me phans gaya, yahan to BJP supporters jada hain” – I ended up talking to the wrong group as they are more BJP supporters here.

Although it is NDTV and such behavior is expected, we immediately noticed the “galat group” expression. Why does it become a wrong group if it talks in favor of the BJP? This is why…

Then he comes across a couple of folks who say that Nitish Kumar was doing the right thing and he should severe his ties with the BJP. The reporter says to the camera, “Yahan kuchh secular log bhi hain jo BJP ko support nahi karte” – we also have some secular people here who don’t support the BJP.

So within 5 minutes the reporter told you that if you support the BJP you belong to the wrong group, and if you oppose it, you are secular.

This was just 5 minutes of viewing because we cannot take this channel more than that and we quickly had to change it.

Harsha in the comment section has shared the link of the video I’m talking about.