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Having a dialog with the Taliban is useless

The recent beheading of 17 people for participating in a dance party has again proven that the Taliban is not an ideological entity, it is a civilizational fault. Their brutalities have no parallel in the contemporary history. They don’t need a civil unrest, they don’t even need a war to behead people or stone them to death. You just have to differ with them. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Afghan or a foreigner, whether you are a brother or a stranger, or whether you are a mother, wife or daughter — do something they don’t approve of and you don’t just die, you die a horrible death. For them it’s our way or no way.

So even a semblance of a dialogue with them sends a wrong message not just to them, but also to their victims and their kin. When you try to talk to them in a sense you accept their existence, and to an extent, their way of life (if you call it a way of life). They no longer remain an aberration. They become just another warring side, which, in reality, they are not. It is a force from a darker history of our world that, unfortunately, has either survived, or have somehow, resurrected itself like an evil spirit.

I must correct myself: if you remember those Rocky movies (Sylvester Stallone) the US military used to abet the Talibanese to build up resistance against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. So basically it’s a Frankenstein’s monster brought to life by the good old America.

The Taliban and its adherents have totally twisted Islam to suit their diabolical philosophy of zero tolerance. According to their Islam, there is no mercy for the nonconformists, there is no freedom for the women and art and entertainment are the pursuits of the kafirs and hence, deserve severest of exemplary punishments.

It’s basically a religious racket orchestrated and perpetrated to wield all-encompassing power over those under their control. Beheading people for dancing and other entertainments doesn’t mean strict Talibanis live very austere lives. Far from that; they rape and plunder with impunity. They abduct women and keep them as their sex slaves. They usurp properties . They carry out vindictive acts. Their chiefs live lavish lifestyles. The entire charade is maintained to allocate unquestionable power to a select few. You don’t deal with racketeers like warring parties. They are criminals that need to be smoked out and eliminated.