Some are destroyers and some are saviors

This Royal Bengal pregnant tigress was saved from agitated and scared villagers in the Sundarbans, by the Forest Department personnel. The cat had inadvertently strayed into a West Bengal village. There perhaps she attacked the cattle and the villagers tried to stone her to death. It’s amazing how fast the Forest Department people reached the spot and rescued the traumatized animal.



In The Pioneer (our newspaper) there was scathing editorial terming the villagers as barbarians. Even the previous day there was a screaming headline on the first page. Although such news is sensational and encourages us to further stereotype the tribals and the villagers living around jungles I think they are the least responsible for the destruction of plants and animals the world over. Take for instance this case, if a tigress enters your village and attacks your cattle and your loved once are you going to worry about tiger conservation and animal cruelty at that time? Hardly. By all means you will try to kill the animal. Don’t we try to chase away and if that is not possible kill the insects that enter our houses lest they sting someone?

It’s people living in the cities who are actually responsible for the destruction of flora and fauna because they have least regard for the environment. They indiscriminately use products made of scarce natural resources and they pollute the air with their vehicles and other appliances. New settlements and colonies are constantly being set up on the areas cleared of jungles. The ever-increasing population puts constant pressure on the supply of food and consequently more forest area has to be cleared.

Anyway we are constantly criticizing the people working in the Forest Department. This time they showed an exemplary courage by saving the animal, getting it properly treated and then releasing it back into its original habitat. They deserve lots of praise.

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0 thoughts on “Some are destroyers and some are saviors

  1. Mai

    I am a great believer in conservation and animal rights.

    HOWEVER, if my family are in danger I will do whatever I deem necessary to protect them, up to and including killing. Yes, even a pregnant tiger.

    I saw the video on CNN. It was sad to watch, but the villagers did only what they had to do.

    (I’m really glad the tiger was saved and hope her kitten is OK, too.)

    Where I live, near Seattle, USA, we are having more and more problems with wildlife – bears, deer, wolves, even moose – wandering into our towns. Why? Because we have encroached on their land, destroyed their food supply and they have nowhere else to go. We also encourage them by leaving our garbage where they can see and smell it. Dinner!

    I’m not sure what to do, but blaming the animals or the people who protect themselves – whether in India or elsewhere – is not the answer. And name-calling is simply juvenile!