So Our Miliary Chiefs Cannot Be Trusted

I just remember reading a few days ago that Ministry of Civil Aviation and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security recently refused to exempt the service chiefs from security checks at the airports, stating that this would encourage other officers and bureaucrats from other departments to ask for the same privilege. So this means our three chiefs from Air Force, Navy and Army are frisked at the airports whereas Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra are not. This means these chief marshals and commanders and generals who are supposed to protect the country are not trusted but a common businessman is, just because of his political connections.

The problem is not whether the chiefs of the services are frisked and Robert Vadra is not, the problem is with the attitude and with the logic of the whole thing. I mean in whose hands is the country safer: all those VVIPs who are exempted from security checkups (frisking) at the airports or the military chiefs who make sure that we can sleep peacefully, totally secure? This is really absurd and I think it is also an insult of every common person who respects the country’s armed forces. Would you trust the VIIPs who are perpetually hiding behind their security commandos or the military chiefs who would tackle the attackers and the terrorists head on? To add insult to the injury there are many bureaucrats who are exempted from security checks at the airports in India even when their ranks are lower than the military chiefs.

This is a very serious issue and the people who are responsible for such an outrageous decision should be taken to task. I think if our military chiefs cannot be trusted then nobody should be trusted. In fact if the security risk is so high then as a general rule everybody, and this means everybody, should be subjected to security checks no matter what his or her rank in the government or politics is.