Should women be paid to be housewives?

This can be both complicated and simple at the same time. According to this link the government is considering a proposal that will make it mandatory for husbands to give a certain portion of their earnings to their wives as “payment” for all the household work they do.

Some people, naturally find it bizarre, considering the emotional investment that goes into bringing up a family. Many say that this is going to tarnish the image of a mother and a wife. Taking care of the family is considered to be a selfless activity. You cannot put a monetary value to it.

Frankly I have no clear idea of what to think about it, but I’m not as repulsed as many people are. Every new social idea encounters widespread resistance.

I know that housewives are unsung heroes, and my wife often complains that just because she is not making money, her contribution is not valued. Of course I don’t agree, I do value her contribution and I always insist that both husband and wife are like the two wheels and the motor of the family depends on both the wheels. Will I be able to earn money if my wife doesn’t take care of the house and our kid?

Of course different people will react differently to this question. Many would say that earning is more important because the rest of the stuff can be taken care of by a paid help, and I will be stupid if I deny that. So it is not about the housework. It is the intangible value that the wife ads. It is the enrichment that she provides. Anybody can cook your food (in urban households, anyway most of the housework is done by maids these days) so that is not the point. For the sake of this argument, let us assume that no maid is hired and the wife has to do everything from washing to cleaning to cooking food to taking care of family members. Should she be paid?

3 thoughts on “Should women be paid to be housewives?

  1. Nilesh

    this concept does not look far. the way society is going, if we could, we would have asked unborn to sign bond, that he/she will pay his parents for bringing him/her into this world and taking care of him/her in childhood, before bringing him into this world. there is almost zero trust between two individuals these days.

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