Sadhguru’s logical explanation of yoga

Here is a video in which Sadhguru very lucidly explains to a very hostile interviewer about the qualities of yoga and how, you don’t need to belong to Hinduism or any other religion in order to benefit from it.

Look @ This Idiot Anchor Who Never Practiced Yoga Never Experienced it Taking Interview with a Prejudiced Mind !?! Jagi Gurudev Smashed Him…..:P

Posted by Bishnu Prasad Mishra on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sadhguru rightly says that since a political party recognized as a “Hindu” party is aggressively promoting yoga, people are having problems with yoga and its origins from Hindu root.

He equates the concept of yoga having Hindu roots with gravity with Christian roots as it was a Christian scientist from the Western world who discovered and defined the concept of gravity. Just because a Christian scientist figured gravity it doesn’t mean people who don’t believe in Christianity start floating around.

In similar manner, because yoga has primarily Hindu roots, it doesn’t mean its benefits can only be enjoyed by Hindus and if people from other religions do yoga somehow, they compromise with their Christian or Muslim faith.

I am normally skeptical of gurus that try to portray yoga as a non-Hindu science/art/physical regime but I can understand the constraints. They need to counter religious heads of other religions because they tell their followers that practicing yoga would mean compromising their religions.

So, we find many Hindu gurus, especially when they are interacting with the Western people, de-linking Hinduism from yoga, just to ease them out.


Does the U.P government give Muslims preferential treatment?

Narendra Modi has stirred up the hornet’s nest by his “agar kabristan to shamshaan kyun nahi?” comments and all the usual suspects are evaluating this statement as him throwing away the garb of development and coming back to the original communal agenda.

Stupid people. This is not the issue here.

As reported in this OpIndia article, the U.P. government actually gave Muslims preferential treatment while doing development work.

If this happened, such things were bound to happen, especially with the politics that solely depends on communal and caste-based politics. Why should they do development work in Hindu majority areas if the Hindus vote for them anyway and it’s the Muslims who constantly need to be appeased? The problem is with Hindus, not with political parties that exploit them.

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