Ram Does Not Exist — O Ram, Where Art Tho?

Gandhiji uttered “Hai Ram” thrice before the three bullets pumped in by Nathuram Godse drained life out of him. The expression still adorns his samadhi at Raj Ghat. To highlight that the historical significance of the of the Ramsetu bridge is nothing but a mythical illusion, the Indian central government has told the Supreme Court that there is no proof of Lord Ram ever existing, or for that matter of all the sundry characters existing in the epic Ramayana. So has the government turned anti-Gandhi all of a sudden? If the Mahatma had the word Ram on his lips while he breathed his last breath, did he die uttering a false god?

With the nuclear deal controversy not showing signs of abating due to the churlishly intransigent Left (and the BJP) some say snap polls are imminent, and the Congress is surely preparing for that eventuality by playing the ultimate communal card. By denying one of the mightiest of Hindu gods it’s anybody’s guess whom the Congress is trying to please. Not Rawan, surely, because he becomes false too.

It’ll be stupid to believe that the center wants to demolish the Ramsetu bridge simply for economics because the scientists have said time and again that the environmental costs of the Sethusamudram project will be immeasurable, from inviting tsunamis to destroying the pre-historical coral reef (it’s a PDF). The central agenda of Congress (who is in power at the center right now) is to appease the minorities by showing that it doesn’t give two hoots to the majority’s (Hindus) sentiments. And of course there is lots of money to be made by the politicians, the builders and the contractors.

The response from the BJP and the VHP has been predictable. But sadly, this is the only kind of response that mostly works in our country these days. As we were discussing yesterday at home, in our country where more than 70% of population survives on Rs. 20 per day, who is bothered about the environment, but yes, Ram heats up the emotions. So if the bridge can be saved using the plank of religion, then be it.

What do I think about the existence of Ram? I’ll write about it in another post, in the meantime, let’s have a poll on Ram.

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0 thoughts on “Ram Does Not Exist — O Ram, Where Art Tho?

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  2. sheetal

    Hi,all friends

    Ramayana is most inportant Book for all Hindu
    In India, Lord Vishnu is worshiped primarily as Avatar, or incarnations, particularly as

    Rama and Krishna, the principal characters of the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

    In both of these wonderful long stories the God takes on human form in order to heal

    a breach in the order of society, and thus the world in general. In doing so there is

    an attempt to reestablish the moral code of social conduct and proper relation of

    mankind to divinity.


    1. anon

      you are stupid. all content in the ramayana is about pornography, incest and other immoral things. and funny thing is, your gods practice this! hindu religion makes no sense. how can you worship a piece of rock that you yourselves have fashioned out of your own hands, which itself cannot help itself. so how can it HELP YOU?!! “Lord” ganesha has a father who cut off the head of his son! what kind of a stupid god is that? will this god help you with your problems, or will this brainless god complicate them? your shameful krishna god likes to look at naked women from treetops. and wait a minute! not even women! they are desribed (in your OWN book) that they are GIRLS with LOW CASTE. people in in your senseless religion are named after the sex organs of your gods. i.e. rama lingam. and what’s up with this rajanesh dude? he pracitces free sex, for heavens sake! including orgies! what do you have to say to me, eh?

  3. Ashish

    Its no doubt that RAM existed coz NASA had also confirmed the existance of RAM,so the debate sud not b about his existance bt instead whether the EVENTS shown in our RAMAYAN r real or to much dramatised,thats wat the question 2 b asked?

  4. Anonymous

    Oh ram bhaqts,do you know once Mahatma Gandhi said”My Rama is not the Rama of Ramayana”.So he did not believe in your Rama,ok.Moreover a prudent man can not believe in your Rama.Ok if you believe in that Rama was a God then reply my these questions..1.If Hanuman,a monkey was capable of flying why Rama being a God con’t fly? 2.Will a God seek the assistence of a monkey to kill a devil? 3.He Hanuman could fly carrying big mountains he should have in the first instance carried and flown Rama & his moneky solders to Lanka for early rescue of Sita,isn’t it? 4.Rama even agreed to be a party in the murder of Hanuman’s own brother Bali.How can a God kill someone who is not his real enemy?How can a God indulge in such a criminal act?

  5. Ram Jane

    Your reply- ” RAM JANE ”.Convinced ???.I ve also put the same questions many times in a wab site run by a Hindu fundaminalist organisation.But they even not published my questions.But they replid me the other question.

  6. Ram Jane

    Now the question is that where the existence of Lord Rama is not confirmed how NASA confirmed about Ramsetu ? Actualy America wants to pleased Indians for the purpose of fulfill their nesty goal. Hindu peoples once again fooled by the NASA like Sukrivana fool Lord Rama. ”Ram naam saytta hain”

  7. Ram Jane

    Do any ram bhaqt know what Dr.Charles say about Ramayana?He claims that Ramayana is a book of pornography which can’t be read in public,can’t be read by a daughter to her father,a sister to her brother,a mother to her son and so on…FOR EXAMPLE read Ravana’s appreciation of Sita’s beauty in which he narrates her body part by part.( Aranya kandam,chapter 46 pages 139,140).In Ramayana unlawfull realationships between Sita and Ravana has been shown in Aranya kandam chapter 41 verses 122,123,124 & 125.GO AND READ RAMAYANA FOR PROVE.

  8. Ram Jane

    After rescue his wife Sita from Ravana God Rama asked ”Sita ! How could Ravana have left you during there 12 years without being seduced ? Sita replied ‘ True ! But what could I do ? I an only weaker sex.Mx body was in Ravana’s possession.G did not do anything wrong willingly.However mentally i was with you.It was only a divine will.(Uttara kandam,chapter 118) Ram Jane what devil Ravana might have done with Sita ji during the period of her kidnaped.Sita ji also did not assert herself that Ravana has not seduced her when God Rama asked.

  9. Ram Jane

    Koyi kuch bolta kiw nehi ? Itna sannatha kiw hai bhai yeha,ok to main bhi kuch bolne wala nehi hu.Maine jo kuch bhi bola sab sach hai,to bura maat manna yaaro.SORRY.