This could be the reason why Gurmehar Kaur is being raked up

Kerala has been the den of murderous communists for many years now. Our mainstream media does not cover the atrocities being committed in the communist-ruled state for obvious reasons: the left dominated media would not like to talk about the dark deeds of their masters.

BJP and RSS cadres have been mercilessly butchered in Kerala. People are beaten up, their houses and shops are burnt, their properties are looted and conditions have deteriorated to such an extent that even some leftist newspapers and publications have been forced to cover the barbarities of the communists in God’s own country.

As mentioned above,  in the mainstream news media, you won’t find mentions of BJP and RSS workers being hacked, tortured and hounded with unprecedented impunity. You won’t come across prime-time debates on why violence against RSS and BJP workers is not being checked. Even if violence in Kerala is mentioned,  both the sides are blamed,  totally distorting the reality.

To highlight the rampant  violence BJP and RSS workers are subjected to on a day-to-day basis in Kerala, a nationwide protest is scheduled to take place on March 1, 2017. This nationwide protest will be held to condemn the communist atrocities on BJP and RSS  workers in Kerala. According to various news reports appearing on the Internet,  RSS-affiliated  “Forum Against Communist Terrorism” is organising this  nationwide protest.

Here is the visual that I have received about the protest:


If not for social media, these incidents of ruthless violence  would have never  been brought to the prominence.

Even on social media the communist cadres  cannot resist spreading their  hatred and encouraging  others to commit disproportionate violence:


Sorry for posting such a violent  image  but I just want to show which are the people who are actually violent.

Now, the RSS is a very  large organization. It is spread across the country. If it wants to organise a protest, it can REALLY organize it.

The media would have been forced to cover  a protest march of such a scale.

They quickly had to come up with some sort of mitigating action plan so that people’s attention is  diverted, and the people seemingly affiliated with the RSS  could be painted as villainous.

This is why you see people like Seetaram Yechuri, John Dayal and Kaveetha Krishnan leading the drama from the front and the who’s who of the liberal  intelligentsia brigade  carrying out the PR exercise in the mainstream media as well as social media. The plan was that by the time the RSS organised its March 1 protest march, the attention would be diverted from the cruelties of the communists and an impression will be given that  the RSS-affiliated  folks are anyway roguish, communal and confrontationist and in some manner, hence, attract  the ire of the cadres.

They concocted a perfect  cocktail  of liberal tearjerking  melodrama. You have here

  • An innocent and sweet -looking girl
  • Daughter of a martyr
  • Victimised by the Hindu right-wing

They were so aggressive that even a small hint of disagreement  with the girl was immediately termed as “trolling the poor 20-year-old girl”.

But their party was crashed by some sports and Bollywood celebrities as well as people on social media. These people have been exposed to such an extent that  according to the last news coming about Gurmehar Kaur, she was withdrawing all her statements, whatever that means.


Huffington Post removed my article and closed down my account

Some people don’t learn their lesson and yours truly  might be one of them. About a couple of years ago the chaps at Huffington Post unilaterally deleted my  “Why I support Narendra Modi” post. I should have learned my lesson. This time, after sending my last Amrit’s Updates I published a small  post highlighting how hypocritical the left-lib intelligentsia is, on Huffington Post. These guys are so efficient that the post was deleted  within 20 minutes.

I normally don’t  promote my articles and blog posts aggressively, but this time, I wanted as many people to know about what Huffington Post did, as possible. I sent DMs to many people on Twitter  and they all promptly  started posting  the news about Huffington Post removing my article.  You can read about the entire fiasco on this OpIndia update.

Gurmehar Kaur & Blatant hypocrisy of the left-lib intelligentsia

Note: This post was originally published on Huffington Post but their love for “freedom of expression” compelled them to remove it so I’m republishing it on my own blog.

We all have our own political and ideological views and it’s all fine. This is what makes our world diverse, wonderful and chaotic.

Our different opinions often create conflict and when political and financial interests clash, these conflicts turn nasty.

But most of the nastiness originates from the left-lib intelligentsia that never tires of calling itself liberal and inclusive, but is the most illiberal lot. And on top of this, they’re also blatantly hypocritical. They can throw their hypocrisy right at your face without blinking an eyelid and you are left thinking, are they for real? Unfortunately, they are.

Although you can write multiple books compiling instances of hypocrisy among the left-libs, I’m going to talk about the current incident.

Recently a talk was to be organized at Delhi’s Ramjas College, and perhaps just to incite an unrest, the infamous JNU student Umar Khalid, who has multiple criminal cases against him for his anti-national and seditious public utterances, was also invited. Naturally there was an uproar and there was a clash between the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad that didn’t want a student of such a dubious background giving speech at the campus and the Student Federation of India that supports Umar Khalid for whatever twisted reasons.

There was a photo of a student beating up another student. Newspapers like The Hindu published the photographs  claiming that ABVP students beat up the hapless and peaceful SFI students, which was proven to be a total lie later on. It was the other way round. The SFI students actually beat up ABVP students and it has been well-documented in posts like these. The actual violence came from the so-called “victims”  and it was perpetrated upon the so-called “culprits”. But the left-lib media twisted the entire event to give it a different colour.

As you can see in the image below, the same Mukherjee is seen beating up a student and then claiming in the TV studio that he and his friends were attacked while the police looked on. The image for the shows that he is from the SFI.


After having totally twisted the narrative, nobody from the left-lib media later and said that they had misreported the entire thing. Mischievous hypocrisy at its peak.

The usual stuff happened.

But then, some daughter of a martyred soldier, Gurmehar Kaur surfaced, opposing the ABVP stand and supporting Umar Khalid, in the name of supporting right to freedom of expression. Her picture carrying a paper sheet with the message “I am a student from Delhi University. I am not afraid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me” was splattered all over the social media.

gurmehar kaur 1

Naturally, as it happens in such situations all sorts of responses began surfacing and not all the responses were appropriate. In fact, some could have even been deplorable. This is the risk of expressing political and ideological opinions on the Internet. It is not acceptable, but the sad reality is, it happens.

The girl first expressed something that goes totally parallel to the discourse favoured by the left-lib intelligentsia and she immediately became the darling of the leftist media and anti-BJP political establishment.

On top of that, she also said how she was being abused  on social media and she had even received rape threats. She was immediately called to the NDTV Studios. Issuing rape threats is a serious offence and she should have immediately lodged a police complaint but instead, she decided to give interviews to eager TV news anchors. Another bout of victimhood started in which all the usual suspects came out with heart-wrenching statements of support for the girl.

In between, Gurmehar Kaur even managed to say that his martyred father was not killed by Pakistan but by the “war” between India and Pakistan. This turned into meme that culminated into cricketer Sehwag posting a picture of himself holding a placard that said “I didn’t score two triple centuries,  my bat did.”


Such a comment coming from the cricket celebrity who cannot be criticised lightly riled up everybody and on top of that, even Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda endorsed Sehwag’s comment, which further escalated the panic.

randeep hooda

It isn’t clear whether the girl has been brainwashed or she really has strong political and ideological opinions, but one thing that clearly stands out is the hypocritical approach the left-lib intelligentsia follows when it comes to recognising victims and abusers. There was a response from Shekhar Gupta decrying the stand taken by Sehwag and Hooda.

shekhar gupta

Strangely, there was no response from him  when this happened:

When the Kanhaiya fiasco was happening, a 14-year-old girl challenged Kanhaiya for a debate. Large-scale trolling of that girl happened from left-lib and AAP supporters. Even the Twitter head couldn’t resist trolling a 14-year-old girl just because she had a different opinion and she had challenged the left-lib buffoon Kanhaiya.

There is always selective outrage. Pin drop silence if something happens and talking about it would be  inimical to their sustained agenda, otherwise, turn even a small incident into an international outcry.

This is not a rant. I’m just trying to throw some light on the blatant hypocrisy that takes place among the left-lib intelligentsia in the name of protecting the right to freedom of expression and other such lofty, intellectual legerdemain.

Yep, Tejaswi Yadav might be Bihar’s chief minister

Recently, according to this Asian Age update, Laloo Yadav’s wife who also stumbled her way into the position of chief ministership of Bihar while cooking dinner for the family one day, said that there has been demand that Tejaswi Yadav, her son, be made Bihar Chief Minister. Right now, as you may already know, the chap who is still learning how to wipe his nose, is the “deputy” Chief Minister.

And why not? The entire state of Bihar is basically the fiefdom of Laloo Yadav. Due to political compulsions, they are just biding their time. The coming together of Nitish Kumar and the Laloo Yadav clan was any way a very uncomfortable political adjustment both for Nitish Kumar and Laloo Yadav – in the past they have been archrivals and everybody had thought that his RJD was a nightmare of the past. But the suicidal public perhaps hadn’t had enough of his good old criminal gangs and had started feeling bored of the fact that they could move around in the evening after 4 PM without carrying a “tamancha”. They gave his party enough votes to put him in a position to inject his family members and close associates into the veins of the current government led by Nitish Kumar.

All these regional parties are basically localised replicas of the Congress party – some families running their dynasties. You have Laloo Yadav in Bihar, Mulayam Yadav in Uttar Pradesh, Badals in Punjab, and Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu and so on, and of course, at the centre we have had the misfortune of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

The tragedy in our country is that even people don’t mind it. In the name of ideology, they are fine with various shady families running a reign of loot in the country. In the cities and urban areas, the so-called intellectuals and liberals are fine with supporting the Nehru-Gandhi family as long as “communal forces” are kept away. In urban and semiurban areas, it’s all about caste and religion. Somehow, the patriarchs and the matriarchs of these parties have figured out how to control emotional strings of people and reap political benefits from that. Narendra Modi is trying to dismantle these dynasties but it’s a long due process and the entire system is working against him.


The schemes and freebies that made Jayalalitha “Amma”

I’m not sure whether this is a PR piece on Jayalalitha or a genuine attempt at throwing light at some of her schemes that made her “Amma”.

Why I’m cynical is that our politicians have perfected the art of being highly corrupt but still emerging as massihas of the poor. They scam away thousands of millions of rupees and then throw a few crumbs at the poor – and there is no dearth of the poor in the country – and then keep on getting elected, if not continuously, then in cycles.

But there are some people on Facebook and Twitter whom I ideologically agree with and they are admirers of Jayalalitha. She actually did some good work for the state of Tamil Nadu, they say.

The above-linked article lists many schemes started by Jayalalitha. For example, she started canteens where food was extremely cheap. She also distributed laptops to youngsters, although, the article says, many laptops ended up in the grey market.

I’m not very against freebies especially when they are given to the poor. The freebies act as a prop, or the push, provided these freebies are actually used for the good of people rather than using them as crumbs thrown to the birds just to attract them for the sake of entertainment (in this case, for getting votes). Food, anyway, should be highly affordable because if people are healthy, they can be more productive, although it is a double-edged concept.

The Jan-dhan scheme of the current NDA government under Narendra Modi is much better because instead of giving the doles to people, it empowers them by directly sending money to their bank accounts. This way, the middlemen are completely eliminated.


What actually happened at the Ramjas College

This OpIndia report tells what actually happened at the Ramjas College. As usual, our mainstream media tried to paint the ABVP students as vicious villains and commie students from the JNU innocent victims whereas, it was the opposite. The truth was revealed on social media.

As you will see in the photographs, the perpetrator was turned into a victim and the victim was turned into a perpetrator.

Sadhguru’s logical explanation of yoga

Here is a video in which Sadhguru very lucidly explains to a very hostile interviewer about the qualities of yoga and how, you don’t need to belong to Hinduism or any other religion in order to benefit from it.

Look @ This Idiot Anchor Who Never Practiced Yoga Never Experienced it Taking Interview with a Prejudiced Mind !?! Jagi Gurudev Smashed Him…..:P

Posted by Bishnu Prasad Mishra on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sadhguru rightly says that since a political party recognized as a “Hindu” party is aggressively promoting yoga, people are having problems with yoga and its origins from Hindu root.

He equates the concept of yoga having Hindu roots with gravity with Christian roots as it was a Christian scientist from the Western world who discovered and defined the concept of gravity. Just because a Christian scientist figured gravity it doesn’t mean people who don’t believe in Christianity start floating around.

In similar manner, because yoga has primarily Hindu roots, it doesn’t mean its benefits can only be enjoyed by Hindus and if people from other religions do yoga somehow, they compromise with their Christian or Muslim faith.

I am normally skeptical of gurus that try to portray yoga as a non-Hindu science/art/physical regime but I can understand the constraints. They need to counter religious heads of other religions because they tell their followers that practicing yoga would mean compromising their religions.

So, we find many Hindu gurus, especially when they are interacting with the Western people, de-linking Hinduism from yoga, just to ease them out.


Does the U.P government give Muslims preferential treatment?

Narendra Modi has stirred up the hornet’s nest by his “agar kabristan to shamshaan kyun nahi?” comments and all the usual suspects are evaluating this statement as him throwing away the garb of development and coming back to the original communal agenda.

Stupid people. This is not the issue here.

As reported in this OpIndia article, the U.P. government actually gave Muslims preferential treatment while doing development work.

If this happened, such things were bound to happen, especially with the politics that solely depends on communal and caste-based politics. Why should they do development work in Hindu majority areas if the Hindus vote for them anyway and it’s the Muslims who constantly need to be appeased? The problem is with Hindus, not with political parties that exploit them.

What is the Enemy Property Act 1968?

Although the name “Enemy Property Act” sounds a bit ominous, it means all the properties left behind by people who migrated to Pakistan and China forfeit their rights to the properties and these properties should not belong to the government of India.

As this Swarajya link explains, the Enemy Property Act, 1968, was enacted by the government of India after the Chinese invasion in 1962 and the war with Pakistan in 1965.

Lots of Pakistani, Chinese and Bangladeshi citizens who moved to these countries from India left behind their properties (of course, they couldn’t take them).

Right now there are over 16,000 such enemy properties left behind and they are worth 1.1 lakh crores according to some estimates.

When they left for these countries, all the movable and immovable assets came under the guardianship of the “custodian” that is, the State.

Properties left behind by Indians in Pakistan were taken over by the Pakistani government without any brouhaha, unlike in India where communal politics, primarily championed by the Congress party, doesn’t allow this bill to be enforced. The properties are still disputed and the government of India hasn’t still been able to take over.

In Pakistan, people who had to leave their properties, could neither sell the properties nor exchange them. Further, Pakistan promulgated the Evacuee Property Ordinance (1949), even the property belonging to an individual who stayed back in Pakistan but his distant relatives migrated to India, got marked as “evacuee property”.

Pakistan, China and Bangladesh all have been able to settle their enemy property disputes within their borders and have been able to use those properties for whatever.

India on the other hand, still has been struggling.

The above Swarajya link mentions the case of the kin of Pakistan’s 1st Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan who has claimed his right over half of the Muzaffarnagar city. Another person claims nearly one-third of Agra and the “disputed” land also covers the Taj Mahal.

Why can’t the Indian government pass the Enemy Property Bill?

Of course, the Congress thinks the Muslims will get offended.

Some things never change.


They only understand one language

This message I received in WhatsApp and it is obviously addressed to the “liberals” and the journalists who have an ear for only “communal-sounding” statements from Narendra Modi. First, here is the English translation of the message that I got (it’s in Hindi):


When he said “Digital India” you didn’t understand
When he said “Make in India” you didn’t understand
When he said “Start-up India” you didn’t understand
When he talked about the “Jhan-dhan yojna” you totally didn’t understand
When he talked about “demonetization” you didn’t get it

And then just once he talks about “shamshaan aur kabristan” you immediately understand

So, from now onwards, he is going to talk only what you understand


It’s a gripping reflection of our reality. Our news media, our intellectuals, the so-called liberals, they are so deeply entrenched in the politics and sociology of communalism that they can see nothing beyond that.

If you hear this portion of the speech by Narendra Modi, it’s up to you to understand how you perceive it. If you feel giddy about the fact that Modi has mentioned “Muslim and Hindu” and hence, he is giving a communal speech, well, then, nothing can be done, and you can perceive this statement as communal. In fact, I’m pretty sure people like you have been waiting like vultures for him to utter “Muslim and Hindu” in the same sentence so that you can cry “communal”.

I think in the name of minority appeasement, lots of shit has been going on in the country and it’s high time someone called a spade a spade. In fact, Modi had been losing his grip over the stark reality of the country and had been trying to turn into another “chacha”. Read Chacha Returns – 2 by Mediacrooks.

Many states have special privileged schemes and financial aids for Muslims but not for Hindus. Hindu festivals are cancelled lest they offend delicate Muslim sensibilities. For vote bank politics, even the exodus of Hindus is being constantly swept under the carpet.

Once Manmohan Singh said that Muslims must have first claim to our national resources, and that was a secular statement. But when Modi says that people from all religions must be treated equally, he is playing with communal politics. If you want to experience perverted secularism, spend some time listening to our leftist… anyway, what to call them? I don’t want to use words like liberals, intellectuals, journalists, for them.

With this speech, whether given for political gain or whatever, he has brought a simmering issue to the front.

Besides, what’s wrong in demanding equal treatment for all religions?


Why isn’t Narendra Modi taking any action against the corrupt?

During his campaign speeches in 2013 and 2014, multiple times he said that he would put corrupt politicians, especially from the ruling UPA, behind bars after coming to power. Forget about politicians, not even a bureaucrat has been arrested and put behind bars even after 3 years of the Narendra Modi government, although in every speech, he berates the level of corruption in different states that are not ruled by the BJP.

The situation is so bad that the Congress party has the temerity to stage a walkout and boycott his presence when he says that one can learn the art of bathing with a raincoat from Manmohan Singh. It’s not a secret what monumental corruption went on during the UPA rule led by the Congress. In fact, Congress and corruption have become synonymous expressions in the country. So, why hasn’t even a single politician of this most corrupt dispensation, been punished?

This article gives examples from Pakistan and Bangladesh on how even the mightiest politicians and their kith and kin often have to face jail time but in India, politicians are never punished because politicians in power don’t want to cross the line just in case…

The last straw to break the camel’s back was of course when Modi began to cozy up with the pinnacle of corruption, Sharad Pawar. Even Modi’s supporters have been quite upset over this sudden closeness.

Although the article above tries to draw parallels between different politicians and political parties, I don’t think Modi is “looking away” so that they don’t come down upon him heavily when he is out of power and they are in power (perils of democracy).

No matter how hard they tried they couldn’t tarnish him with the Gujarat riots, although an entire national and international machinery was involved in the exercise that lasted for more than a decade.

Similarly, as far as corruption goes, they won’t be able to charge him for corruption. Of course, he may try to pull a Manmohan Singh by letting his party run amok while remaining clean personally, but then, Narendra Modi is not Manmohan Singh that’s for sure.

The main problem is, and many people have said this, politically and influence-wise, Modi isn’t as strong as he seems. He often talks big but in the background, he has inherited a totally tattered system. Our bureaucracy is totally corrupt. None of the institutions work properly. Politicians even from his own party are constantly working against him. People who are loyal to him can be counted on fingers. Everybody is trying to pull the rug from under him. He is constantly vulnerable.

Since all the corrupt, no matter to which political party they belong, protect each other like a herd, and since almost everybody’s connected with each other, he cannot take down people from the Congress without taking down people from the BJP and that would be a political suicide.

To do good, Modi needs to remain in power for at least a decade. He cannot go on a suicide mission.

On the other hand, he is overhauling the system that sustains corruption. Punishing the guilty would of course mean justice and it would also give some adrenaline rush to many, but he doesn’t take these things personally. By the time he goes and god forbids, somehow the Congress comes back, he will leave such a system the Congress won’t be able to exploit much.

Then it will be like in other, 1st and 2nd world countries. In those countries, no matter how corrupt politicians are, some level of development is constantly taking place. There is some semblance of civilization. For example, in America, despite corrupt and demotivated bureaucracy, their entire administrative machinery constantly works and there are automatic checks and balances. He will create something similar in India too.