Orgasmic Birth

Now women can have orgasm while giving birth, and instead of pain, childbirth can turn into sexual pleasure according to this article. You can view the video on the actual website that promotes this technique. Of course, understandably, there are people who cannot somehow relate childbirth with sexual pleasure. But I think this is just a mental block…after all a child is conceived, normally, when you are experiencing, and indulging in sexual pleasure. So why make women go through so much pain while giving birth? They say pain is required to bring the baby out. The same can be achieved with an orgasm.

0 thoughts on “Orgasmic Birth

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  2. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Sounds like fun, although hour after hour of orgasm would be exhausting, as well.

    I have always believed that most of our problems with childbirth are rooted in psychology rather than physiology. After all, how many of us have heard our mothers say how painful it is, but “afterwards you forget all about the pain.” Aside from the lack of logic, that teaches us to expect horrible pain and – Voila! We do. I know I did. And I never have forgotten the pain.

  3. Suvro Chatterjee

    I tried to be very attentive and very scientific while my child was being born, and I was with my wife all through, except for the twenty minutes when the baby was delivered (and that was only because the doctors shooed me out) – all ten months before, and for long afterwards. My wife is not a ninny, and she had been psyched to handle the whole thing as calmly as possible, yet she hurt very badly, and I wish she hadn’t suffered so much. Though it was a normal delivery, and she recovered very quickly, profound guilt was one reason I decided against going for another child – though I am crazy about children. Having a prolonged orgasm while giving birth sounds rather farfetched/silly, but my vote goes to anyone who can make the birthing process a little less traumatic – not only for the mothers-to-be, but all those men who do not regard their wives as mere mindless childbearing machines.