0 thoughts on “Obscenely Creative

  1. Nilesh

    gr8 piece of art.

    on side note, rare to see such things in traditional families (talking about your sister sending to you). i does not mean it in any derogative way.

  2. Mai

    Nilesh, I grew up with 7 raucous, older brothers. I assure you that they tried to make their innocent younger sister blush at every opportunity! I learned to hold my own, though, and something of this sort is the perfect retaliation. This will be sent to each of the five surviving brothers. Now, if I were really trying to get even, I suppose I could send it to their wives, rather traditional ladies, all.

    But I’m sure that Amrit was always sweet and kind toward his sister.

  3. Amrit Post author

    Nilesh, Mai.

    My sister and I share a wonderful relationship although on 70% of things we don’t agree. I’m really glad that we can share with each other things that normal brothers and sisters are unable to do. Despite the differences we are so proud of each other.

    Mai, so you have located your fifth brother! You had recently said he had left for an adventure 🙂

  4. Mai

    I have a strange and wonderful relationship with all my brothers, I wouldn’t even try to desribe our interactions these days. Always loving and open, and at the same time, a bit edgy. I enjoy them, a lot!

    Yes, the intrepid Frank has turned up, via e-mail, in Burma, of all places!

  5. Mai

    Jagdeep, that is really cool. Do you feel any kind of bond with the Burmese people? You must have distant relatives there under Gen. Diarrhea.

    It’s not clear exactly what Frank is/was doing there, but he’s a khalsa and I assuming he was helping the people. He has a good heart.

    Did you know that I am part Inuit (Eskimo)?

  6. Jagdeep

    wow! dats really interesting. yes, there have been times i have wondered about my distant cousins in the burma land wnating to meet them, talk with them. maybe they do too. 🙂

  7. Amrit Post author

    Hmm…they must’ve joined the military Junta. People from my mother’s side are a bit bullish and autocratic :-).