Now that Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab are hanged, we should move on

At a personal level I’m against death sentence, but I would also like to mention that had the Indian government taken care of Maulana Masood Azhar on time the Kandahar plane hijacking wouldn’t have happened.

The hangings of Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab, although nothing more than political posturing by the ruling UPA government (lead by the Congress), are significant developments. But not related to the way India deals with terrorism, but the way the Congress uses the death penalty politics to solve it’s nefarious purpose. Now that it knows that further milking of communal and caste politics is not possible, it doesn’t want to completely lose the majority vote.

Twitter gives a very nice insight into the way various sections of the society react vis-a-vis such developments, and this is where we need to move on. There are primarily two extremes: those who think that the hangings are the best thing to happen ever since the invention of the ice cream, and those who think that they are the worst state sponsored atrocities to take place ever since the Nazi Holocaust. Both the sides don’t solve any purpose other than generating lots of spam.

India doesn’t need hangings, it needs swift justice, and an aggressive stance against terrorists and extremist forces, whether they come from Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs. The Indian government needs to show a strong resolve. It needs to send out a no-nonsense message. Hanging someone who is first tortured by your security agencies and then made to rot in jail for 11 years doesn’t exactly send a strong message to terrorists. It just shows what a spineless bully you are.