Not everything supernatural is irrational

I wonder why some people feel it hard to believe Prahlad Jani’s claim that he hasn’t eaten or drunk for more than 80 years. It’s not like he’s saying he has flown to the moon and back a couple of times. We sometimes develop biological peculiarities that science cannot explain with current level of understanding. When we think about extra-terrestrial life scientists already believe there can be life forms beyond our understanding. Why, even on earth we keep finding life forms living in the extreme temperatures of volcanoes and miles beneath the arctic ice – would you call that supernatural?

This is not to say that we should believe in superstition. For me superstition means when you promote a belief and earn money with it or harm people. Even people like Deepak Chopra come under that category, for that matter. He sells a way of life and earns lots of money with it. We should all fight superstitions that are used to keep people suppressed and backward.

If you simply say that you haven’t eaten for 80 years, then what’s the harm? Instead of moronically rejecting him outright, we should unravel the mystery, if there is one. This is how humanity has evolved.

In terms of being supernatural, life in itself is supernatural. Whenever I look at my daughter jumping around, running around in the house and spreading light around her, I feel, yes, she’s a miracle. She was not there a few years ago. And then she’s here, out of nothingness. I’m not talking about her physical existence, I’m talking about her soul, her thoughts, her attitude, her outlook. If you can see beyond biology, physics and chemistry, what can be more supernatural than life itself?

0 thoughts on “Not everything supernatural is irrational

  1. Mai Harinder Kaur

    To me. the key is at the end of your third sentence:

    “with current level of understanding”

    It is my belief that all “miracles” are the functioning of some sort of natural law that we do not as yet understand. I believe in the Eternal, Creative, etc, Being generally called “God.” I believe this Being plays fair with Its creation, not breaking Its own rules and confusing us with exceptions that we call “miracles.”

    So much we think we understand! So little we actually understand! I guess it comes down to defining “miracle.” How about this: “An event (which we would generally call good or benevolent or some other positive adjective) that seems to violate natural law.” I think using that definition, existence itself is a miracle and it would follow that everything is a miracle.

    But, yeah, having been a parent – in my case, a mother – our kids are wonderful enough to be called miracles by any definition. (Not other people’s kids, though; they tend to be little monsters.)

  2. Incognito

    ” If you can see beyond biology, physics and chemistry, what can be more supernatural than life itself?”


  3. Borlen

    You’re views are correct. After all, a hundred years ago a laptop, or an ipod, would have been supernatural if it had been show to those people. It’s based on people’s mindset to decide whether anything is supernatural or not.