My crude Twitter update on using fear of rape as political tool

There was a debate going on on television in which Arnab Goswami was screaming at an AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) representative regarding how they were trying to use the fear of rape to instigate people against the ruling Congress party. Apparently, the party is trying to spread fear among the people that if they vote for the Congress party, they will always be prone to getting raped and becoming victim of the general lawlessness that manifests during such a rule. Arnab was asking one of the representatives, how can they stoop so low and bring the politics to such a level?

Actually, I’m not saying I’m right, and I’m not justifying myself, my blood boils when somebody tries to take a high moral ground while trying to portray as if the Congress is being politically victimized; that was what Arnab was doing. This party tries every dirty trick to remain in power, and every dirty trick means, every dirty trick.

If it can keep the Muslims of the country perpetually scared – don’t let the BJP come to power, you are doomed if it does – why can’t another party highlight an existential reality for political gains? Crimes like rape, do tend to happen more when there is lawlessness and large-scale corruption in the country, and the Congress, and other parties of similar mentality, do encourage such an atmosphere in which people are in a constant state of insecurity and intellectual confusion so that they never get enough mental space to develop political opinions. The fear mongering in the name of the BJP is needlessly magnified.

I don’t normally, especially, sit in front of the TV to listen to these one-sided debates. So during one of my forays into the drawing room where our TV is placed I heard this line about how low they can go, I came to my room and tweeted this:

A person who reads this tweet in isolation may think what the F*** I’m talking about?

I have reason to believe that there is a troll that particularly responds to my updates. He tweeted this:

Although I never take his messages seriously, this particular update stuck with me. My tweet must have actually sounded quite crude if read without context. I don’t delete my tweets (up till now I have deleted just one tweet and that too because it would have caused problem for a public figure) so I’m not deleting this one. But in future I will be careful how I express myself, especially on Twitter.