Monkey/Lemur taunting tiger cubs

This is funny :-). The monkey has totally irritated the tiger cubs in this video.

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0 thoughts on “Monkey/Lemur taunting tiger cubs

  1. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Amrit, dear, dear Amrit Ji,

    I owe you one big time.

    I’ll explain.

    My husband is the glum, somber sort. His response to humour is either ‘That’s stupid,’ or Huh?’ My attitude of Chardi Kala both mystifies and annoys him: ‘How can you be so f*king optimistic? (Sorry about the language, but that really is what he says.) Haven’t you been through enough?’

    Still, like the nurse trying to tempt the invalid with a tasty morsel, I keep trying.

    When I played this for him last night, I heard a strange, choking sound coming from him. And then again, that weird noise. Could it be? Yes, dear Amrit, it was. He was laughing! For the first time, literally, in years.

    I had to replay it SIX times. SIX TIMES. And then save it to my private blog so he can see it whenever he wants.

    And I exaggerate not!

    We both thank you.

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