Marry a person with disability and get Rs. 50,000

This is a new scheme launched by the government of Maharashtra. In a country where a person with disabilities cannot even cross a road without bumping into extremely elevated footpaths (no don’t start with even the able-bodied cannot, because they can), marriage for a person with disability is something like an average citizen of India catching up with the living standards of America all of a sudden.

I think it is a good move although I am sure many NGOs and persons closely working with people with disabilities are going to oppose it, and many on valid grounds. Many will also term it as dowry by the government especially in the case of female persons with disability. There are always two sides of a coin, and sometimes more than two.

Being a person with 75% physical disability (the criteria in Maharashtra is 40%, certified) and having had many friends with various disabilities I fully understand how important the idea of marriage is.

Marriage is not as big a deal as it is made out to be by our society. I am happily married and am not saying that I regret it, but it is certainly not a cake walk. It comes with full-blown responsibilities and struggles. Of course now that I’m married and have a loving family I wouldn’t trade my present status with anything else. But, whenever I get a chance I advise my friends (who couldn’t get married and are desperate to get married) that enjoy life as it is, you are not missing much. It is a typical “the grass is greener on the other side” feeling.

Having said that, the institution of marriage is as important as any other institution of the society and I strongly believe that it is one of the biggest steps towards integration. A marriage gives you your own family, your own clan and you become a separate individual, away from your parents and siblings. To be frank, eventually all parents want to be left alone and all siblings end up having their own families and persons with disabilities who live with them mostly live on the fringes. Of course there are exceptions.

Marriage is also a big motivating factor. Many people who simply go on living their lives all of a sudden want to have purposeful careers after getting married because they need money for their family. I know a few individuals (persons were disabilities) who are just wasting away their lives because they don’t have families to take care of, nobody is counting on them.

Monetary incentives like these are an encouraging step. I know, there are great chances of people being exploited just to get money but this happens with every sort of incentive. Pros and cons are always there. I agree Rs. 50,000 is not a big amount but for many sections it can make a big difference. Many people don’t want to marry persons were disabilities (especially if they are male persons were disabilities) because they think they won’t be able to support their family financially so this money can give a head start. It will definitely cater to the lower strata but it is the beginning of a realization. In developed countries governments provide finance for independent living and they also pay employers for creating accessible workplaces. It is a step towards a similar mindset.

But what sort of marriage would it be if it is done for monetary benefits? Tell me how many marriages are really based on human feelings? An average individual marries for money, social security and looks. The same can be applied here too.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Marry a person with disability and get Rs. 50,000

  1. A disabled

    It’s really funny.. The Govt is bribing or giving dowry to someone to marry a disabled. I couldn’t see it otherwise. If this is a country where there are people who desert their parents after taking all their fortunes, what’s the guarantee of the life of the disabled in the hands of some stranger who would marry for the sake of money??!! How is the money going to be helpful for the two? Is that money enough to lead the rest of the life? Who is going to monitor how this money is going to be spent by the govt and who is going to get benefited out of this?

    Instead with that intended money, they can create opportunities in a closed set up and give them secure living condition, where by they will be better help to each other. They may even find their better partners in that set up who can best understand their feelings rather then the man /woman who marries for the 50k given by the Govt.
    This spending by the govt will end up only in adding another row in their balance sheet .. may be with a very minimal percent of beneficiaries (when I say beneficiary it is not about the monetary benefit, the intended benefit that would come out of a marriage)..

    **(especially if they are male persons were disabilities) — I am not sure, if one could acknowledge this. One thing in India, even a fully-abled woman has to give lump sum for her marriage, and a disabled female will have to give more than that if it all, she is getting married. I don’t see much difference in the way both males and females are getting treated when it comes to marriage. There even may be females out of their living condition or family situation marrying a male with disability, but it is very rare, that a male will marry a disabled female even if his living condition is poor.. (and who sometimes may hit a jackpot of whole of the girl’s property) again there may be exceptions.

    Thank you

    1. Amrit Post author

      As I mention there are always pros and cons. This tiny amount may not support a couple for a lifetime but it is a good start. Besides it is an indication of the changing mindset at the policy level. When I support this development I don’t think about people who will marry only because of this paltry sum. It is not about Rs. 50,000, it is about the initial support. For instance, I know some people who could use this amount to move out, and support themselves for at least a couple of months and in the meantime they can find an occupation suitable to them. Just because they don’t have the initial money they are stuck for ever with their parents or guardians. It is just the beginning and I’m sure the amount will be increased gradually as more and more states adopt this policy.

      It is like reservations. Who are the real beneficiaries of reservations? People who don’t need them. Still you find ample support for them in the society.

  2. AnaVar

    That’s stupid! There are other people, perfectly healthy who need a social support, and I still believe that a marriage should based on love. It would sound better if they said that a person with disability gets a money when he/she gets married or if he/she is buying a house or a car.

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  5. Richa Kaul Padte

    Hi, I’m writing about this topic at the moment – could I email you with a question on your take? Do me know. Thanks!

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