Is Islam really a religion of peace?

Scholars in the most prestigious Islamic institutes and universities continue to teach things like Jews are "pigs and monkeys," that women and men must be stoned to death for adultery, or that Muslims must fight the world to spread their religion.

While many religious texts preach violence, the interpretation, modern usage and implementation of these teachings make all the difference. For example, the stoning of women exists in both the Old Testament and in the Islamic tradition, or "Sunna" — the recorded deeds and manners of the prophet Muhammad. The difference, though, is that leading Jewish scholars agreed to discontinue these practices centuries ago while Muslim scholars have yet to do so. Hence we do not see the stoning of women practiced or promoted in Israel, the "Jewish" state, but we see it practiced and promoted in Iran and Saudi Arabia, the "Islamic" states!

Excerpts taken from the article titled: Islam needs to prove it’s religion of peace.

What do you think?

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  1. Alok

    HI, talking about Islam, it is probably one of the bbest, if not the best religion on this planet. What is probably the best thing about Islam, is that itr is probably the only religion in the world which is well-defined and clearly distinguishes between right and wrong.
    Alongside, unlike Hinduism, the other religion which i read about to some extent, Islam is very easy to follow. What i feel is, Hinduism says that to reach the state of salvation, you need to comstantly work and improve yourself. This is so difficult to do. Islam on the other hand, focuses on improving the society. If society is better, so are you.
    Those who have studied Hinduism, say that the theoretical and the practical concepts behind the caste system were very different to what we understand today. In fact, even if the caste system, as originally defined in Hinduism is put into practice today, we will be hugely benefited. If it may be said so, if any political party pledges to introduce the much criticized caste system followed by Hinduism, in its original form, no one can stop it from winning next lok Sabha election. All that the original caste system in Hinduism said was everyone should be given work according to their mental and intellectual capabilities. Whats wrong in that?
    Similarly, you would be shocked to know that if Islam is followed in its true sense, the world will be free of problems. Unlike all other religions, that are more or less like moral code of conduct and just tell you what to do, Islam is the only religion that extensive speaks of rights. Rights of those who follow it and rights of those, who don’t. Surprisingly, a country like Pakistan is not Islamic at all. You would be shocked to know that Islam is the only religion in the world that talks of democracy. It clearly says people who rule have to be elected. Unfortunately no islamic country has democracy today.
    The problem is that in all other religions, the power now rests with educated people who understand the true meaning of their religion. Like in all other religions, when power in goes to moderates, who despite being selfish don’t use religion to satisfy their selfish motives, Islam will be a better religion.
    But, the least we, the educated people can do till then is to not call Taliban Islamic because unfortunately it isn’t.

  2. Mai Harinder Kaur

    This Islam thing has me on the horns of a dilemma. Since I am a Sikh, I am bound to:

    1) Respect the religious beliefs of others and
    2) Fight against injustice and oppression wherever I find it.

    So…if the religious beliefs of others is the direct cause of oppression and justice, what to do?

    If all Muslims, especially women, freely chose this religion, no problem.. If a person chooses to be oppressed, that’s their right.

    Many, maybe most, do not freely choose and can – indeed according to Sharia law, must – be killed if they leave the faith. I usually keep this on the backburner of my causes since I see no way to solve it.

    Contradictions make life interesting. They also make life difficult.

    Chardi kala!

    Mai Harinder Kaur

  3. Danny Uk

    Islam is supposed to be the word of god right?

    why did god change his commandment of “do not kill” to “kill the unbeleivers”????

    Has Islam changed the 10 commandments?!
    Is this still the word of god?

    Islam is on the world stage with every other religion, the people of the world are better well informed and better connected than before so people will watch and listen and learn about Islam and will come to there own conclusions.