I don’t think the BJP is going to win

Although I support the BJP, personally, I don’t think it is going to win or make a big difference in the country’s polity. It is just my personal view, and I may be, I hope so, wrong in my assessment. The thing is, except for Modi no BJP politician has the body language of a person vying for victory. They all look depressed and they all seem to have given up. It is quite apparent from the way they are managing their affairs. Heck, they haven’t been able to take down the government even after countless scams whereas in the past, even a single scam could force the PM of the country to resign along with the entire cabinet. This is the most scathing indictment.

The so-called “secular” parties screw them. The media constantly screws them. All they do is either ignore or whimper, or act clueless. There is no aggression. There is no vision. There is no attitude. There is no political will and there is no social conscience. They are following the same old beaten path that has taken them nowhere. To the horror of its supporters, sometimes it appears like a smaller tributary of the gigantic river of corruption and diabolical immorality, Congress, sans its power, cunning and money.

Another problem is with the people of the country. There is no desire to change. Over the centuries, our spirit has been killed. It has been systematically extirpated to such an extent that even losing seems to be winning. We live in the disguised form of each-for-himself and that is why highly communal and casteist parties keep on coming to power with the main strings in the hands of the Congress. We have never stood up as a country unless we are at war or during some stupid cricket world cup.

Intellectual and social slavery has penetrated deep inside our psychological DNA and that is why we seek an extension of the imperial rule in the form of the Congress. Agreed, whenever a political entity other than the Congress has come to power at the center, it has imploded due to infighting but the people of the country haven’t given much chance to alternatives. Whereas they have given the Congress more than 50 years, to the alternative they are not even ready to give 10 years in a row. Within five years, or even less than that, they start saying, “let’s bring the Congress back, at least they resemble the goras.”

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