How will we be after 5000 years?

Here’s an interesting take on how the earth will look after 5000 years, but the article actually talks about what will we become after 5000 year if we don’t destroy ourselves by then.

In 5000 years we won’t require our bodies to live. If mortality and immortality are biological concepts, does this mean we’ll become an immortal race? But why no body?

With advances in technology we’ll be using our bodies less and less. See this video for example:

And this is a very small example of how very rapidly we’re reducing the amount of work our bodies have to do. If we can do this in say, 100 years, imagine what we can do in another 300 years. Although evolution takes its own time, in 500-600 years, and even earlier, we’ll figure out how to live without depending upon body, and even without depending upon machines. The above article says that there will come a stage when we’ll derive energy from the nearby galaxies and control the surrounding solar systems. I don’t think by that time we’ll need to get energy. Our consciousness will produce (I know it defies the first law of thermodynamics but I’m not talking in that sense) on its own.

So what about sensory experiences? Two partners can already enjoy sex with each other (remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?) by simply wiring their brains together even while sitting (or lying, or standing, on in the padmasan position) half way across the globe. So if sex can be enjoyed this way, I’m sure other sensations can be experienced too.

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  1. Incognito

    >>>”if sex can be enjoyed this way, I’m sure other sensations can be experienced too.”

    sex is enjoyed by every being. There are animals who frequently engage in sex. Other sensations are also experienced by them.

    Humans have an opportunity to experience beyond sensations.

    Our anscestors showed the way.
    but, perhaps some of us wish to follow the path of sensation-mongering westerners.


  2. Suvro Chatterjee

    Well, if we are interested in looking really far, how about this? Long ago, in our boyhood days, I told a friend that scientists had figured out that in 5,000 million years’ time, the dying sun would swell into a red giant and swallow the earth: what then? ‘Why’, he replied without batting an eyelid, ‘we’ll eat mangoes in winter!’ Breathtaking insouciance, or sheer mindlessness? In any case, I have long settled down to wondering what’s going to happen to us in another, say 30 to 50 years….