How feasible is it to be able to work from anywhere?

I think this could be an ideal situation. In this connected world there should be no need to go to an office and work; you should able to do everything from home. Okay there are certain tasks where you simply cannot avoid commuting, for instance working in a factory (I think even that can be remotely operated), but still there is lots of stuff that you can do without having to go to your workplace.

Danny at the Outlaw Design Blog has decided to manage all his work from a beach in Costa Rica. I remember another person — an SEO consultant — who works from his beach house somewhere in Australia, right now I cannot recall his name. Danny in his blog post has delved upon a few online resources that can help you manage your work from any remote location.

So is it possible for everybody to work from wherever he or she wants to? I think it depends on what occupation you follow. I write content for living and I also program for an ongoing client in PHP. Although I stay in NOIDA (a small satellite town or rather a big city near New Delhi), all my clients are from America and Europe. My livelihood is such that provided I have a decent Internet connection, a laptop, and a place to sit I can work from anywhere. But in India it is easier said than done. There is hardly any decent connectivity at the places I would like to stay. Assuming one day I decide to buy a beach house in Goa (wishful thinking of course, I am long way from that ability) and start working from there; most of my money I am sure will be going towards maintaining my Internet connection because there wouldn’t be an easier, economical way of staying connected 24 x 7.  Or it may still be possible in Goa but I don’t want to go there. I would rather stay in a small, non-happening town somewhere either in Punjab or Uttar Pradesh; even the dial-up connection is not available there sometimes.

The tools that Danny has mentioned in his blog post also depend on the sort of connectivity you have. For instance it will take ages with my current “broadband connection” to manage all my files through a remote server; downloading and uploading files in itself will turn out to be an arduous exercise.

Nonetheless, this is a great idea: to be able to work from wherever you feel like. As technology and infrastructure improves I think most of us will be working from home. Just imagine working from your ancestral home in a small village, for a multinational company with cows and buffaloes mooing around you philosophically. This is not only healthy it is also good for family life and of course it is safe. With so much traffic congestion,  choking pollution, and so many accidents happening routinely, it is better that you stay at home and work from there.

It is much easier to be able to work from anywhere if you work as a freelancer just as I do.

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