For those who believe in the invincibility of fate

If you think what we get and don’t get depends on fate – the circumstances life throws our way – I agree to an extent. थोड़े फूल हैं कांटे हैं जो तकदीर ने बांटे हैं उनमेसे हमको हिस्सा हमारा मिल जायेगा . But I don’t subscribe to this philosophy completely, although I do believe everything in life is random (in bigger scheme of things you’re not even sure if the sun is going to rise in the morning). Think it this way…

You are standing at a bus terminal and hundreds of buses are leaving for different directions. Throwing yourself at the mercy of your fate means hopping onto any bus and let it drop you anywhere. Controlling your fate means consciously deciding what bus to catch and where to go. And this is where the difference between those who let fate handle them and those that control their fate manifests.

Does fate leave you alone when you have chosen your bus? No. Suppose you wanted to go to destination “A” and the bus breaks down on the way. All the buses passing that way go everywhere but to “A”. What do you do? You can either catch one of those buses and see what awaits you, or you can start exploring other options that can take you to “A”, irrespective of what obstacles you have on your way. You can take ride on different vehicles going to “A”. You can start walking.

Life is a collection of random events – call them vehicles – and if you sit on the back seat you call them fate. It’s no use not believing in fate because you alone don’t control your life. Those who seem in command of their fate simply act and react strategically to the randomness they encounter.

2 thoughts on “For those who believe in the invincibility of fate

  1. hemant Jain

    just to take ur example of fate and bus forward.. i would say, if u r DESTINED to reach “A” you would, be it by mindlessly hopping on a bus or by purpousefully taking THE bus. what sets the two apart is the FUN and the excitement part, when u hop on to a bus mindlessly, at the end of the trip u have no experiences to share and nothing to tell, no memories, nothing at all, as u were just sitting on the bac seat like a veggie. where as if you make decissions you put your mind to it, you r far more involved you do stuff. basically you live LIFE in the front row, up close and personal..
    So make plans see them succeed or fall apart, make mistakes and enjoy them. go through the rollercoaster called life without bothering about anything …..JUST LIVE, because “whatever has to happen will happen…”

  2. Kashmira

    Why not be all pervasive and take this argument further? MR. jAIN. Will you allow your son or daughter to go into ocean without knowing how to swim? this way they will have more fun and if they are destined to live they will.

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