Does time travel both ways

Recently I stumbled upon a scientific link (unfortunately I lost it) that talked about certain regions in the universe where time travels backwards and even both ways sometimes.  Can it really happen?

I personally feel time is a human concept.  It goes in one direction because we age more and not less and therefore we see everything else around us with that perception.  Of course we come from matter and then go back to matter and this can be something like going back in time but it’s not like you can go back 2 weeks and take care of chores you missed. My limited knowledge of science doesn’t let me see time as a physical entity.  It is there, we are all aware of it, we have clocks to track it but we cannot actually see it or feel it.  So it is hypothetical and it is primarily used to organize and synchronize our activities.

Why scientists think that time can travel backwards is because right now our universe is expanding.  From a center it is going away so time is moving in a particular direction. Once our universe has expended enough it will start contracting (something like yo-yo) and this will how the time will start moving backward.  It doesn’t make sense.  Whether our earth moves from left to right or from right to left (in relation to the sun) and provided no disaster occurs how is it going to affect the way we grow old or build bridges or destroy forests?  If the earth changes direction the bridges are not going to disappear all of a sudden and children are not going to enter the wombs.

Or maybe I don’t understand the concept of time properly and somewhere I’m confusing it with present, past and future.  Maybe present, past and future have got nothing to do with time.  Any ideas?