Does high-tech make you waste time?

This article in the Guardian says that one person in every five people suffers from this affliction: due to high-technology they end up wasting time instead of improving their performance with the help of technology. Although this differs from person to person to a large extent I totally agree. Technology, especially the Internet is a big time waster if you are not highly disciplined. Go through a few “interesting” websites and before you know it you have spent two hours. Teenagers are always fiddling with gadgets (irrespective of whether those gadgets belong to them or not) even if it doesn’t solve a purpose.

The problem with technology is these days you cannot do without it. Email, instant messages, Twitter, blogging, online forums, FaceBook, Orkut, etc. are big time wasters, but at the same time they are the best communication and networking tools humans have ever experienced. In fact you cannot blame these tools: for thousands of years we have used tools to both our advantages and disadvantages.

My entire business depends on the Internet; so I have to be very careful while working because sometimes I don’t even realize when I have started browsing websites that have got nothing to do with my work. It not only harms work it also affects your personal and social life because then you are working (there is no escape from work whether you do it now or later) when you’re supposed to be with your friends or your loved ones, or when you are supposed to be taking care of your health. Aside from that you also pay less attention to activities that may help you develop your skills and hobbies. For instance, a couple of hours you just wasted reading a silly article or going through meaningless images and videos could have been spent reading a book.

Technological advances and creativity are not at all directly proportional, although, ideally, they should be. Take for instance word processors; have the word processors given us any writers that can match the pre-word processor era? Great writers like Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky and Kalidas wrote when there was no modern papyrus and in the name of writing tools they had handmade quills that had to be dipped into, again, handmade ink, after every few words. And after writing a few words they had to blow the words to dry the ink. Add to that the perpetual, wintry darkness that could only be streaked with a dim candle. And still you have masterpieces like Crime and Punishment and Metamorphoses and The Stranger, and even One Hundred Years of Solitude. All these were written when there were no sophisticated word processors. Similarly, with advancing technologies there are great visuals in the movies, but not much substance, great beats in the songs but no soulful music and lyrics to make them immortal.

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  2. Destination Infinity

    It is true that online activities have reduced the offline hobbies that were once both for pleasure and learning. Maybe we have been given with too many things that we do not understand the value of it all. Charles Babbage conceptualised the computer when there was none. If the computer had been given to him, how much more could he have done?

    Destination Infinity

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