Dealing with difficult people, and issues

In my recent posts I have been talking a lot about the Kashmir issue and what a few writers and bloggers have been writing about the recent imbroglio.  Sometimes there are comments that are entirely targeted at you and your opinions.  Of course if you share your opinions publicly then you should be ready to face counter opinions too and in fact I consider this quite healthy.  When people exchange ideas and opinions however much contrary they sound this encourages debate in the society and forces people to think proactively.  But when is it the right time to put a stop?  Is it worth it that you prove yourself right in front of everybody?  I was reading this interesting article on how to deal with difficult people — people who react to you negatively just for the heck of it.  In this article there is a very nice quote:

Holding a grudge against someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

This is so very very true. I think sometimes we get in these never-ending loops of arguments and counter-arguments without realizing when the discussion has metamorphosed into a senseless talk where more than the topic the important thing is who is proven wrong and who is proven right and who gets to say the last word.

But it is not always right to keep mum and let the other opinion dominate the environment. For instance right now there is lots of misinformation and vicious propaganda in the mainstream media propagated by the so-called "secularists" and "liberals".  In this case lots of harm can be caused if something is not done to counter this propaganda. If a lopsided opinion is thrust upon the masses then lots of social unrest can crop up. All those people who can express themselves should do so in order to maintain a sense of sanity in the country.

Other than that, if there is no national level crisis being caused by your silence and nobody is going to be harmed if you don’t retaliate then it is always better to practice patience whenever somebody — who might already be having some personal problems — attacks you to vent out. Holding a grudge and resenting people for having a different opinion is not worth it.  It needlessly saps your energy and produces toxins inside your body.

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