Chrome – a new browser by Google

Just downloaded and installed Google Chrome…Google’s entry into the browser world. Many are wondering why Google launched Google Chrome when there are already some excellent browsers available, for instance, FireFox and Opera? I think Google has long-term plans to dominate the online software applications market. From e-mail to wordprocessing, from web analytics to ad-click management, Google is offering cutting-edge applications to its users on a platter.  Of course there is the search engine and RSS reader.  Once people begin to use Google Chrome Google will start building all the applications around this browser.

A time will come very soon when the only software people will have on their computers, apart from the basic operating system, will be the browser, and all the applications will be used through that browser. Most of the day-to-day applications these days are remotely hosted and accessed. For instance, many people in the West use Googledocs for their wordprocessing and spreadsheet requirements.  Entire versions of Microsoft Office applications are available online.  In India we don’t notice such developments very fast because pirated software is so easily available and there are no strict laws against copyright violations.  Google’s aims to target the market that uses remotely hosted versions of legacy applications.  I have already noticed that Gmail looks better in Google Chrome — the display is better, and, I don’t know if this is actual or just an illusion, it is quite fast too.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome screenshot

Of course there are many plug-ins and features in Firefox and Opera that we take for granted and are so used to using them. Their absence in Google Chrome is a bit annoying but I am sure these features and plug-ins will be available for the new browser very soon.  Another odd thing was when the browser was installing it mentioned something about importing the Firefox bookmarks but the bookmarks never showed up when I loaded Chrome.  Even when I imported the bookmarks manually they didn’t show up.  Nonetheless, it is a cool browser to use and it organizes information very cleverly, and has a few features that I had begun to miss in FireFox. It doesn’t even have the omnipresent menu bar but I don’t miss it.  I would like to use it as my regular browser as soon as I can use with it the plug-ins that I use with Firefox.

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  1. Destination Infinity

    Thanks for this post, I am using Google Chrome full time now. Its fast, simple and much better than IE. For the first time in any browser, I have actually gone and noticed all the options available as there are a very few of them. I hope Google will release the full version soon, as some websites are not working properly at present. I also hope they would come up with the Linux version for the Chrome soon.

    Destination Infinity