China needs a solid evidence against Masood Azhar, sure

China needs solid evidence against Masood Azhar, sure

China says that if India wants China to vote for the ban of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar, it will need to provide some solid evidence. Of course, solid evidence for China would mean an HD video of Masood Azhar blowing up places in India and running amok on the streets going crazy with his machine gun. Anything short of that it would be a “nah”.

There are 15 members in the United Nations Security Council and all but China opposed the ban on Masood Azhar. Even Saudi Arabia is on India’s side.

What’s China’s problem?

I think China’s attitude must be viewed unemotionally, keeping our history by the side. For a long time China has been a thorn in our foot and it is going to remain so because it considers India as a regional competitor. No other country in the world likes Pakistan, but just to keep India on tenterhooks, just to annoy India, just to keep it occupied so that it cannot fully concentrate on its development, China not only hobnobs with Pakistani dictators and corrupt politicians, but also protects terrorists living within Pakistan on international forums. It does that just to show Pakistan that they are chums and India is their common enemy.

Another thing is, and again I would stress that one shouldn’t weigh this fact emotionally, by nature China is a bully. Historically it has been a very philosophical, spiritual civilization, but may be due to the prolonged rein of communism, it has turned into a bully. So, it just wants to tell the world that no matter what is the international opinion, it is going to have its own say. So, come may what, it is not going to support a ban on Masood Azhar even if the entire world wants a ban on the terrorist.

So, what can India do?

In this regard, internationally, it is no use wasting time on China because in such situations, logic doesn’t work. Mollycoddling Pakistan is of strategic importance to both China and America and this reality is not going to change in the near future despite Donald Trump happening to America. All India can do is, strengthen its internal security


Who would’ve thought that we would have an Investors’ Summit in Ranchi?

Lots of progress being made in BJP-ruled states is purposely ignored by the left-dominated news media. Take for example the Investors’ Summit that was launched this Thursday in Ranchi, Jharkhand, and a promise of a Rs. 50,000 crore investment has already been made.

Whenever we heard of Jharkhand it was mostly about tribal problems, naxalism, extreme poverty and conversion. And now people are talking what business investment.

Conventional businesses can thrive only if 2 things happen: a better law and order situation and better infrastructure. These 2 attributes must be right now present in Jharkand to get a commitment of Rs. 50,000 crore from industries like Ratan Tata and Kumar Mangalam Birla.


If gurus are political, what about mullahs and priests?

Dharm gurus are always questioned, for example in this Frontline article that questions “jet set” gurus and godmen (and women) who, according to the article, “push religion into regressive identity politics” and make it into a “means of mass mobilization for political purposes”. The article has the photo of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as the featured photo (they make sure that only a Hindu is featured, not a Muslim or a Christian).

This is one of those typical articles that are constantly written to preach Hindu gurus and saints. If they simply targeted the attitude of gurus, mullahs and priests, we could agree with them, but if they simply talk about one religion, it drips of hypocrisy and inveterate bias.

True, dharm gurus do glean massive followings and they do use their following to wield political influence. Yes, it happens. It’s been happening since time immemorial. Our great sages were also political. What’s wrong in that?

Many maulvis and mullahs instruct people whom to vote for and whom not to vote for. The same goes for Christian priests in India. Would you ever find a Christian priest urging people to vote for the BJP, for example? No.

The point is, if you don’t like the idea of god men and god women playing with politics then talk about every god man and god woman from every religion, not just Hindus. It’s getting boring now.



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