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Insaf ka mandir hai ye

My Guruji had asked me to learn this song so I was listening to it while having breakfast. The rendition brings tears to your eyes. The same goes for the performance, especially by Dilip Kumar. Madhubala, his wife, wants him to enter the temple, but there is some guilt inside him and the guilt stops him from coming face to face with god. You can actually see the emotion in the way he moves forward and climbs up the stairs. Great acting.

Chaundavi Ka Chaand Ho

This is my first attempt at recording a song in my own voice and putting it on YouTube.  I generally don’t like my voice and for a couple of weeks I had stopped practicing.  Yesterday I felt like singing and after having sung a few songs I felt like recording them.  Give me an opinion if you have one and be frank.  I know there are some mistakes and my voice sounds a bit immature and "youngish" and I am trying to improve that and I think it is going to take another six to eight months.  In the meantime I will be recording more songs and sharing them with people just to see how I am improving.  The strengths in the song — according to my opinion – are that I have sung this song with clarity, with good diction, with expressions and feelings.  I will constantly try to improve.  The lyrics of the song are: Chaundavi ka chaand ho, ya aftab ho, jo bhi ho tum khuda ki kassam, lajvab ho.

Chaundavi ka chaand ho

A beautiful song by Lata and Mukesh

The immense power of this song lies in these two lines:

Mein man ko mandir kar daloon tu pujan ban jaa
Mandir se puja ka rishta mein na bhoolungi

Translation: “Let me make my heart into a temple, and let you be a prayer; I’ll never forget the kinship between a temple and a prayer.”