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The infinite power of our brain

The new research is revealing that the universe is like a brain cell. An average human brain has over 100 billion brain cells (neurons). So if one brain cell is like a universe, does it mean an average brain has around 100 billion universes?

Our brain has infinite power; we just don’t know how to tap into that power and use it constructively. Recently I was reading this very interesting article on Wired on how with the help of a software we can improve our capacity to remember things and in the end the author has very rightly remarked:

As a science fiction fan, I had always assumed that when computers supplemented our intelligence, it would be because we outsourced some of our memory to them. We would ask questions, and our machines would give oracular — or supremely practical — replies. Wozniak has discovered a different route. When he entrusts his mental life to a machine, it is not to throw off the burden of thought but to make his mind more swift. Extreme knowledge is not something for which he programs a computer but for which his computer is programming him.

You need to read the article to understand the context. This article re-awakened my desire to make my brain stronger without resorting to gadgets and programs to manage my memory — of late I had been doing that a lot. Remember how many phone numbers we could recall? Now since all the phone numbers are stored there is no need to remember them. Similarly, even for smaller calculations we use calculators and computers. And not that we are preserving the power to utilize it on some other activity.

Mob Justice Is Becoming The Order Of The Day

India is becoming a dangerous place to live day by day. A female driver was badly beaten up by another driver in front of DPS Vasant Kunj in a case of road rage. A group of hooligans thrashed passengers and assaulted girl students in a moving train. Hindu and Muslim mobs go on rampages at the drop of a hat. Doctors don’t turn up even while knowing the patient is dying. And of late, kangaroo courts in Bihar have been punishing suspects with great brutality. What does it signify?

A simmering civil unrest and total lack of justice. People don’t believe in law. Although film personalities are being sent to jail with great fanfare the common person on the street and in the villages have by now accepted that justice doesn’t exist in our country and in most of the cases police is more dangerous than the criminals. The pathetic conditions in our country have brought even law-abiding citizens to a sub-human level. Criminals roam around committing crimes with impunity and the civilians can either face daily humiliations submissively or turn into a mob and take law into their own hands.

These bursts of violence also show a deep-rooted depression. People have simply given up on their country, its people and its surroundings. Try to say hello to some stranger and you’ll know what I’m trying to say. See how people treat public facilities and places. See how we treat people from different classes and economic backgrounds.

I think both our religious ethics and social morals are all fucked up. In theory our religions preach love but in practice they perpetuate hatred and suspicion. Does it happen anywhere else that people who build a temple cannot enter that temple? Similarly, our social feelings never picked up after the independence. Whatever love we had for the country left with the British. In the name of love for country we merely have jingoism and charade. No wonder the BJP can come to power after promising a temple and the Congress strives for power by pitching communities against each other; we don’t have even a single political party in the country that truly fights for the betterment of the country.

Who is to blame for this mess? Our collective national conscious to a great extent, and I think the way we allegedly got independence. Mahatma Gandhi’s ways of non-violence perhaps gave rise to a population that was devoid of any fighting spirit. We became used to accepting violence, first from the British and then from our own oppressors. Violence is an injustice, and when you accept injustice than you lose sense of justice. And even if you accept it, at least don’t wrap it in the garb of non-violence. We were too weak, mentally and physically, to beat the shit out of them, and that was that. As a race we have been inferior and this should have been tackled either during our struggle for independence or immediately after that. Our country would have been better off had we kicked the British out with force. The centuries of defeatism and segmentation would have washed off. We should have had a general, not a Mahatma.

Consequently, as a civilization we are too weak. We turn barbaric when we face a submissive opponent and we become helpless (peace-loving) victims when a strong opponent attacks us, whether from within the country or from outside.

Solution? Abolish all kinds of discriminations severely. Let people be proud of their country by making every citizen important by providing equal opportunities and justice. Instill civil sense in them and let them know law is the same for everyone. Root out politicians that use religion and caste to remain in power.

Two things should be free in our country: healthy food (this includes safe drinking water) and primary education. Make everything else expensive if need be. Strong, educated people mean a healthy country.

When people are healthy, educated and happy, they don’t commit crimes, and they don’t tolerate injustice.

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How Much Money Do You Really Need

I often come across expressions like “I need to make a ton of money,” or “I don’t need much money to survive,” or “Money is power or lack of it is misery.” I was reading about a search engine optimization consultant who recently wrapped up his business to pursue his writing career and somewhere in his blog post he wrote: I anyway don’t need much money to survive.

My biggest fear regarding money is that what if I don’t have enough of it to save a loved one’s life? Although here too there is never “enough” but still, if you have lots of it, you don’t have to worry at least on that front. I know merely money cannot save a life, but you can avail the best healthcare facilities if you can pay for them. This is a primary reason why I want to have sufficient money. Health insurance can surely help in this regard.

In the movie Hotel Rwanda the protagonist saves his wife and a few others by paying lots of money to an army officer, and this is a true story. All his family would have been killed had he not lots of cash available, and some connections. Whenever a catastrophe happens, the poor always die more than the rich or the financially well off.

I don’t like wearing expensive clothes (I prefer good clothes), I don’t want to have a big house (but I want spacious surrounding), I don’t want an expensive car (but a decent one will do) and I have never been crazy about food (I just need healthy food and it doesn’t have to be expensive).

So how much money does one need to be comfortable:

  • Enough money for kids’ education
  • Enough money to purchase a decent house for the family
  • Enough money to get healthy food and clean drinking water
  • Enough money to avail good healthcare if there is a need
  • Enough money to see you through your old age.

How do you define enough money?

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Ways to live your life and not merely exist

Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it.

That’s fine, and comfortable, until you have gone through another year without having done anything, without having really lived life.

That’s fine, until you have reached old age and look back on life with regrets.

That’s fine, until you see your kids go off to college and realize that you missed their childhoods. [ 39 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist ]

Life runs in fast-forward when you don’t do things that you think you’ll do tomorrow and then tomorrow too you do the same what you did yesterday — decided to do those things tomorrow. A line in a song says ??????????? ??? ??? ???? ?????, ??????????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?? (you cannot beg for life, you have to move forward and snatch it). So if you want to do something, just do it. Don’t leave it for tomorrow. Sometimes, tomorrow never comes.

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Working for yourself makes you richer

I know it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but working for yourself and earning money for yourself is far more rewarding, financially and emotionally, than working for a company or another individual. It is often estimated that your employer earns more than 10 times from you of what he or she pays you, or even more. So if your employer is paying you say, $2,500, he or she might be earning more than $25,000 from your services!

I’m not saying people should leave their jobs and plunge into the uncertainties of self-employment, especially when their current jobs provide them financial security and they have no idea what exactly they want to do if they start working on their own. But in case you want to leave your job and start on your own, here are a few things you need to take into consideration:

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