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Pictures with my new camera

Today I had gone to drop my mom to the New Delhi Railway Station and decided to take along my Nikon Coolpix 7MP. I wanted to check how it performs outside when the car is moving. I’m not very happy with the result, but then I guess I need to fiddle with it a bit more because I know it can do better. Here are a few of them. I’ll be uploading more on Flickr later.

july-05-2005-6   july-05-2005-5   july-05-2005-4   july-05-2005-3
july-05-2005-2   july-05-2005-1   july-05-2005-7   july-05-2005-8

An afternoon – 2

Today we didn’t have electricity the whole day. This affored me time to sit outside for a while with the camera and take some snaps.

Gulmohar in blossom

Gulmohar in blossom

These flowers gave me the idea of taking the photographs. I always used to rue that whatever Gulmohar we have in the proximity never blossoms. This one has blossomed for the first time.

My lunch

This was my lunch today while I sat outside: 7 almonds and a cup of cold, sugar-less milk.

Green box

Another relic we’re about to dispose off. This box has been with us for more than 30 years. I have seen it all my life containing Dad’s college files.

Gulmohar in blossom

My first attempt at capturing something in constant motion. It’s not very clear. For half-an-hour I tried photographing giant ants but I’ll try that with a better camera.

Water patch


A ripe ground for mosquitoes?

Turtle pot

We got this pot from Dilli Haat to keep it on my table. It had a cactus plant. The cactus died and now the pot is lying outside.