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North Korea to mount missile attack on North America

This very well be the time when North meets North, but seriously…

Is North Korea feeling suicidal? According to Japanese intelligence North Korea may send it’s July 4 Independence Day greetings on top of a missile targeting Miami.

Are they too stupid or they somehow want to totally destroy North Korea? I’m more than 100% sure if they ever send a missile to America all those who can, will leave North Korea before that so that when America retaliates and decimates the country, they don’t die.

Even if the missile never reaches the American shores, it is such a needless, bratish behavior just because Russia and China come to its rescue whenever there is an international pressure. I haven’t been watching news for a couple of days so I don’t know what’s India’s reaction to this new development.

Is the Iranian Government taking help from Hezbollah members?

This Huffington Post article hints that since the local Iranian policemen wouldn’t attack their countrymen and women brutally and ruthlessly enough to suppress the uprising in favor of a liberal politician, the present Iranian government lead by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has invited Hezbollah members who might be Lebanese Arabs. I wanted to post this link on Twitter but it seems to be down right now.

Updates on Reddit reiterate this too.

Are Indians more racist?

The recent attacks on Indian students in Australia have prompted many commentators, bloggers and journalists to articulate their views on the subject, including this one by Jug Suraiya. We Indians have this particular trait of raising up issues when they arise on foreign shores. All of a sudden people remember how racists we are, now that we’re being attacked in Australia. They talk about foreigners being attacked in India and Indians being disliked in Africa, etc. Good, enlightening thoughts. But do they mean Indian students in Australia deserve to be attacked? And even if they are attacked, we ourselves being so bloody racists and fascists, shouldn’t even raise a whimper of a protest? It seems like that.

I’m not saying these opinions are misplaced and factually wrong. Indians ARE racist and by nature even neighbors loath each other, forget about mistreating foreigners and dark-skinned individuals, but I don’t think this is a good time to scream from the rooftops that come on guys, beat us up, we too do that whenever we can. Just like we don’t want to blame an entire community for rampant terrorist attacks, we shouldn’t say (insinuatingly) since we’re racists so Indians living abroad are prone to be beaten up or vandalized or humiliated. Racism and casteism have been our bane for centuries and that is why we were conquered and subjugated by all and sundry. These worthy articulators should definitely highlight the ills that plague our society, but mentioning that now seems as if launching a harangue on fire safety rules while the building is on fire.

This is barbaric

I suggest that you don’t watch this video (my head started hurting badly after seeing this). Why am I posting it here? In 1984 anti-Sikh Congress sponsored riots, many Sikhs were burnt like this by people who must be living like normal, “law-abiding” citizens. Keep this in mind when you vote this time.

In this video villagers are burning people accused of witch-craft. What a sad, barbaric world we live in. You don’t even know how to react to such acts. I was trying to embed this video here but it automatically starts running the moment the page loads, and I didn’t want it to run all the time.